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February 16, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I must say I had quite a good time at the Hollywood Collector’s Show yesterday. I saw lots of people I knew, had several really lovely conversations with some pals I hadn’t seen in quite some time, like Mackenzie Phillips, and had a wonderful time sitting next to and joking with Mr. Bert I. Gordon all the livelong day. I got up early, did my morning ablutions, and then got to the Marriott at nine-thirty. It seemed very empty – I then learned that the show wasn’t starting until eleven. I thought it was ten. So, I schmoozed with some friends, and then Mr. Gordon showed up and we schmoozed. Also, there was an early bird collector there and he started my day off perfectly by purchasing How To Write A Dirty Book and Other Stories, Murder At Hollywood High, The Brain From Planet X, and The Creature Wasn’t Nice (the latter two, of course, on CD). Doing these photos from The Partridge Family and Happy Days was such a good idea – I have rarely sold photos at these shows, but I sold a few yesterday, which was really fun. With the exception of the endless long lines for Mr. Ernest Borgnine (who looks amazing for 92 years of age) and Mr. Peter Falk, I didn’t find the show especially well attended, but then again Friday is a work day, so we’re all hoping there will be lots more people today. Miss Mackenzie Phillips, who should have been sitting to my right, never showed up until three, and then she got a better table towards the main door, but we did have a great chat and she told me that she’d read Benjamin Kritzer and that it had become one of her favorite books – that was very nice to hear. Mr. Gordon and I had endless laughs, along with my helper, Miss Adriana Patti and my guest Mr. Nick Redman. Sitting across from us was some woman named Inge something from Hogan’s Heroes. Next to her was Miss Cindy Pickett, who has done lots of work, but who I finally remembered from her Roger Vadim film, Night Games. Next to them was the whole Lou Grant crew, and I did get to say hey to Mr. Ed Asner and Mr. Robert Waldman. Sitting directly in back of me was Mr. Richard Hatch, and next to him was Mr. Steve Kanaly, with his handler, Mr. Michael Druxman, he whose musical I’m mentoring. Because Miss Phillips wasn’t there, my next door neighbor was Butch Patrick. Also nearby was Lassie. Yes, Lassie, the actual dog (or descendent thereof). I did get to say hello to George Kennedy, whose son I played in a CBS pilot many years ago. Also nearby were Gary Owens, Dick Van Patten (very sweet man), Molly Bee, Joan Leslie, John Saxon, Karen Black, Miss Stella Stevens (Nick and I had a really nice conversation with her), Miss Carol Lynley, Mr. Ty Hardin, Mr. Bernie Koppell, Mr. Chuck McCann(also had a good chat with him), and many, many others, including Miss Carol Channing. After my weird conversation with her the previous night, I sent MBarnum to her and he told her that his favorite cast album was the revival cast album of Dolly. She told him there’d been several revivals and she wasn’t sure which he was talking about. The person next to her informed her that it was probably the most recent – of course, since none of the other revivals were recorded, she should have known that, but then again, she still doesn’t think we finished the album. I saw Scott, he who interviewed me about four years ago for the Partridge Family website – the interview is finally being transcribed and will be online soon he told me. I also saw Mr. Brian Childers, who plays Danny Kaye in The Kid From Brooklyn and I was able to introduce him to Susan Gordon’s dad (Susan, of course, worked with Mr. Kaye in The Five Pennies) and then, a little while later, Mr. Gordon was talking to his daughter on the phone and Mr. Childers got to talk to her. His director and co-star were there as well, but they don’t care for me very much because I didn’t love their show, and when they realized who I was said, “Let’s not stand around here!” and walked away. I mean, honestly. The director had already written me a very childish e-mail, to which I tried to respond nicely, to no avail. I mean, let’s face it – not everyone likes my work, but, you know, that’s horse racing and I don’t feel the need to berate people for their opinions, unless they get factual information wrong. When my play Deceit opened, other than two or three excellent reviews, that show received mostly scathing pans – I didn’t feel it necessary to write the critics and castigate them for their opinions and I wouldn’t have felt it necessary to say “Let’s not stand around here” if I were near them. One of the most vocal of the panners, the LA Times’ David Nichols, came and saw The Brain From Planet X and loved it. Win some, lose some. In any case, I like Mr. Childers, who is excellent in the show. They’ve extended several times, and close next weekend, so I’m glad the show has done well for all of them.

I’m looking forward to today’s show, which does begin at ten and ends, I believe, at five.

Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below because I’ve got to get these here notes posted so I can get my beauty sleep.

Today I shall be at the Hollywood Collector’s Show all the livelong day. I’m sure I’ll go out to eat afterwards. Speaking of eating afterwards, after yesterday’s show, I went out to eat with Mr. Bert I. Gordon and his beautiful daughter Christina. We went to Genghis Cohen (I dragged Miss Patti along, too) and we had a great meal (I introduced Bert to this place and it’s one of his favorites now), great conversation, and it was just a grand night for singing.

Tomorrow, I have to go to storage and pull come charts for Mr. Kevin Spirtas and Miss Linda Purl, but other than that, I have no real plans other than to continue proofing my new novel.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, attend the Hollywood Collector’s Show, sup, and then sit on my couch like so much fish. Today’s topic of discussion: What are your all-time favorite performances of Peter Falk, Ernest Borgnine, and George Kennedy, three of my favorite actors. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, as I ready myself for day two of the Hollywood Collector’s Show.

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