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March 26, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, once again it is late and once again I am tired and once again I still have to write these here notes, because time waits for no man and, conversely, no man waits for time. The hands of the clock moves inexorably forward no matter how we try to slow them down. So, we must go with the flow, baby, we must go with the flow, like Linc in The Mod Squad. Linc went with the flow, baby, and he was groovy, too. What the HELL am I talking about? I mean, after all, it’s late and I’m tired and I have to write the notes and instead I’m writing hipster Linc-like things like “We must go with the flow.” Frankly, I have never gone with the flow. I don’t even know what the fershluganah flow is. And now I am eating some multicolored fish whilst writing these here notes? These multicolored fish aren’t official Swedish Fish – they are some knockoff fish, probably from Guam. They really aren’t very good, these knockoff fish from Guam, but here I sit, eating them nonetheless. Some Knockoff Fish From Guam – that’s the title of my next novel. But enough about me. Speaking of me, yesterday seemed to be a nice little day in which some nice things happened, most of which were of the positive bent. I like my positive bent, don’t you? Where was I? Oh, yes, nice things of yesterday. I got up early, read and answered e-mails, made some telephonic calls, did some errands, picked up a small package which contained a small DVD I’d been waiting for and which I’m very excited to see, although I probably won’t be able to until Friday or Saturday evening. Then we checked on the traffic for all freeways and decided to try the one that seemed best. We got on the 134 at three-thirty. According to the traffic website, they said there were no problems at all at any point, and that our average speed would be sixty-four-miles-per-hour. The problem with these sites, however, is that things change instantly and one minute it can be 64 mph and the next it could be 10 mph. Happily, we flew all the way down the 134 and on to the 210. Then, inexplicably, we slowed up, but never stopped – that lasted for about ten minutes, then we got to the 57 and we flew all the way to the 91 and then our off ramp. The entire running time of the trip was exactly one hour, thirty minutes less than usual, even though the route we took was twenty miles longer. It certainly was the most pleasurable rush-hour drive we’ve had. We ate at Knowlwood again and the food is very good there. This time I had a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, which was great, a couple of onion rings, which were very light and very good, and some cole slaw. Since I’d jogged earlier, it was a reasonable meal to eat and one I’m hoping will result in the loss of a pound or two. We killed a couple of hours there but left before anyone reported the deaths. I’m sure when someone realizes that the hours are missing, they’ll figure out what happened. We toddled over to the theater and began rehearsal at seven.

I have now had to block the very long and very complicated last scene of this show three times, and it’s never easy and requires that everyone has a lot of concentration. Much happens during these twelve or so pages, and everything has to be very precise, and there’s a lot of movement and dialogue and physical comedy. Everyone picked it up very fast and after a few times through (with some adjustments each time) it finally started to look like something. I’m happy that we’ll be able to go back to a great gag we had at LACC that we couldn’t do in New York – the Brain’s head getting stuck in the door of the spaceship as he tries to enter for the final scene. We then blocked the other long scene, and now, with the exception of a couple of short scenes, the show if basically blocked. Once everyone is secure in the blocking, then we can really start doing the detail work on the characters, lines, and business. I then came home, where it was already time to start writing these here notes.

Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below because I am through eating some knockoff fish from Guam and must now finish writing these here notes.

Today, I’m hoping for more positively positive things, and I have a few errands and whatnot to do, plus some work at the piano. I’ll head out to the Heim of Ana at my new time of three-thirty. I may try a new dining adventure tonight – maybe one of the Thai places. The full company is called and we’ll block the two little scenes that remain, then review all the Zubrick, Yoni, and Brain scenes, then have a music review, and then run all the newscaster/newspaper people scenes.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, with running of music and cleaning up scenes and blocking. Friday we’re off, then Saturday and Sunday we begin assembling the show, sans the numbers the choreographer has to do.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, hope for positive things, do errands, drive about in my motor car, and have a rehearsal. Oh, and if you haven’t read all of yesterday’s postings, do so – we had a great and very amusing posting day. Today’s topic of discussion: It’s Ask BK Day, the day in which you get to ask me or any dear reader any old question you like and we get to give any old answer we like. So, let’s have loads of lovely questions and loads of lovely answers and loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I perhaps have another knockoff fish from Guam or two prior to my beauty sleep.

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