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April 15, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, this week is already flying by, like a gazelle in muumuu. Just when I thought it was Monday, it’s Tuesday. What happened to Monday? I mean, are we honestly halfway through April already? Is that an April Fools joke? In any case, it’s Tuesday, not Monday, and I am not only discombobulated, I’m discomgeorgeulated, too. Well, it’s late in the evening and I must not be discombobulated because I must write these here notes and get them posted before I fall asleep whilst typing them. Before I get down to brass tacks or, at the very least, aluminum tacks, let me say that everyone here did a great job with Monday’s initials game. Speaking of brass tacks, yesterday was a day in which a lot of e-mails flew back and forth and also forth and back – what the result of said e-mails will be I know not, but I think most of you know what they concerned. I got up and went out to the garage to prepare a couple of packages for shipping only to find that one stack of boxes piled up against the wall had toppled and everything was quite a mess. It took about a half-hour to fix it all and get the boxes back where they belonged. After that, I shipped one of the big packages (the other two will go out this morning), did some errands, and picked up 1000 cardboard CD mailers, which are now in my garage awaiting addressing. Then I had to write and respond to all those e-mails and by the time I was finished with all that it was time to head down to the Heim of Ana for a meal and a run-through. We decided on Claim Jumper again, but I think I’ve about had it for a while with this restaurant. It’s very good, but I always feel like I’m going to explode after I eat there, no matter how conservative I try to be with my food intake. For example, yesterday I had a bowl of clam chowder, a biscuit, and a half a Cobb salad. And I felt like I was going to burst after the clam chowder. After the meal, we went to the theater and began our run-through, which we were also videotaping for our lighting designer, to make his job easier. The show ran very smoothly, I must say, and it’s now much closer to the running time I prefer. I made a couple of line cuts and came up with a new piece of business we’ll try this evening. The cast is really beginning to settle into their roles, and lots of the show worked really well. Still things to hone and tighten, but it was pretty fun to watch. I gave notes afterward but no one told me when it was ten o’clock (which is our wrap time) so I continued giving them until finally someone told me it was ten-fifteen. I would have stopped right at ten if anyone had let me know. After that, I came home and sat on my chair like so much fish and in honor of sitting on the chair like so much fish ate some Swedish Fish.

The midnight bells have tolled and here I am, still in part one of Ye Olde Notes. But, at least we know the answer to For Whom The Bells Tolled? The bells tolled for the notes, and conversely the notes tolled for the bells. What the HELL am I talking about? Why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below because I need to get down to brass tacks and right part two of Ye Olde Notes before more bells toll.

Today I’m hoping that my new Pitney Bowes digital postal machine will arrive so I can start playing with it. I’m also expecting a few other packages and assorted envelopes. And, of course, there will be another meal and run-through to attend. I’m also hoping to have some sort of meaningful e-mail or conversation about yesterday’s e-mail volleys.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing fixes and work on scenes that need them, as well as cleaning up choreography. Then we’re back to run-throughs on Thursday. Thursday day I’m having my first eye examination in six years and I’ll be getting new glasses, since my old glasses are useless, seeing-wise.

And hopefully the Evening Primrose CDs will show up as planned on Friday and we can begin packaging them up and shipping them as quickly as possible, which will continue on the weekend.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, ship a few more packages, pick up packages, do errands and whatnot, and then have a meal and a run-through. Today’s topic of discussion: We all have had great dining adventures – what was the first meal you had at a restaurant that you would consider great, where you just knew you’d had the best meal you’d ever had up to that point. What was the restaurant and what did you have? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I get my beauty sleep before more bells toll for whom.

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