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July 26, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, my first full day in New York was intense, but really swell. I shan’t bother with preambles and preludes and prologues, I shall simply cut to the chase because who knows how long this Internet connection will hold and I want to make sure I get these here notes posted. So, on my first full day in New York, I got up early and dealt with the little paypal problem those who read the posts know about. I did what I was instructed to do and had the hotel fax paypal the documents paypal said they needed. I then did a brisk two-mile plus jog, going from 28th Street up to 48th Street and back again, with several block-long detours to the east and west to avoid having to stop at traffic signals. It felt good to do, and then I shaved and showered, checked out of the hotel, and hied myself to rehearsal at Nola Rehearsal Studios. Once there, I found out that our MD was going to be two hours late – not my favorite thing to hear, I must say. So, for the first two hours we ran all the numbers with staging and then all the patter, cleaning up things as we went. Then our MD arrived and we did a stop and start run of the show, although we didn’t stop too much. And then at around four-fifteen we began a full-out run-through. It went very well, although by that time the boys were a little tired. I gave a few notes afterward and I think we’ll be more than fine for our first show this evening. Miss Crista Moore attended our final run and she seemed to enjoy it very much. Then Crista and I went to her apartment and she showed me how everything worked, especially the Internet. She doesn’t have her own wireless and she gloms on to one of two wireless networks that are open. The one we glommed on to when I arrived worked great, but when I got back after dinner, it was down to two bars and wouldn’t load Safari, so I glommed on to the other and that got me online but I’m concerned about the strength of signal, as I cannot load AOL at all.

After rehearsal and getting my bearings in Crista’s apartment, I cabbed it to FJL and Skip’s apartment. What a festively festive affair it was. Of course, you couldn’t ask for better company, what with the likes of our hosts and vixmom and the vixter, Julie, singdaw and Jose, and the doggies – elmore couldn’t make it, which was too bad. I was going to try and be a good boy, diet-wise, and I wasn’t BAD, but I did have to sample everything. And what a feast it was – Skip’s deviled eggs were beyond great, totally unique. I had two halves or one whole, however you’d like to look at it. The main course was flank steak, very thinly sliced, salad, foccaccia with a delicious topping, and I had two helpings of everything. I loaded up on the salad, didn’t eat too much meat, had two of the foccaccia things, and it was an explosion of yummilicious flavor bombarding our collective taste buds. For dessert (my first dessert in over three weeks) it was homemade cheesecake with blueberries. I had a small piece and it was wonderful. While it was more food than I’ve been eating, the fact that I jogged hard and had eaten almost nothing the day before made me feel okay about it. By the way (BTW, in Internet lingo), vixmom looked great at her new svelte weight. The conversation was sparkling, and we laughed and laughed and just when we thought we could laugh no more, we laughed again. I left around nine-thirty – by that point I was exhausted, but I did a VERY brisk two-mile walk back to Crista’s home environment. For those that know New York I went from 43rd and 10th to 75th and Columbus. I was sweating like a pig by the time I got home. In any case, dinner was delightful and I do adore our New York hainsies/kimlets.

Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below because I must get these here notes posted whilst I have an Internet connection.

Today, I shall arise at an early hour and jog for two-miles, if at all possible. Then I’m meeting Miss Moore and Mr. Michael Lavine to do a little quick work for an upcoming show she has. We’ll work until just before one, and then Michael and I will head over to Penn Station, where we’ll meet Kevin and Sean. We then take a train of some sort out to Great Neck. I wonder if they named that town after someone who had a really nice neck? I wonder if one fine day someone was walking down the street and a passerby looked and said, “Great neck.” And that someone just happened to be the person who created the town and hence Great Neck was born. Just think if he’d had a great arm or great elbow.

Once in Great Neck we will be driven to the venue, a very large park. At three we’ll begin setting the stage, spiking the positions of stools, mics, piano and center and side marks, and we’ll run some choreography and other stuff so they get used to the playing area. Then at four we do a band rehearsal, with the band running every number in the show, but not with the boys singing, although they’ll be there for tempo issues. Then we have a break, then I’ll sit with the lighting guy and give him some general feels for the show and some specific specials we’ll need, then it’s show time at eight. I don’t think we’ll be back in the city until midnight.

Then Sunday, I’ll head out to the airport around eleven and then will be on my way back to LA and home.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, jog, have a quick work session with Crista Moore, take a train to Great Neck, do a band rehearsal, and do a show. Today’s topic of discussion: Since we’re in the city know for it’s pizza, and since I won’t get to have a slice during this trip, what is the best pizza you’ve ever had, anywhere and anytime. What was so great about it, what was on it, and have you returned to have it again or is it but a fabulousssss memory? And where is your current favorite place to get pizza? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I try to get these here notes posted while there’s still a connection.

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