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August 19, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, let me count the ways how happy I am that yesterday is over. Yesterday was, simply put, one of those days. When one is experiencing one of those days it actually becomes amusing as you watch the entire day go to hell in just about every way. Well, as Babs and Donna said, Enough Is Enough. Today we need a good day in which things go right and I wish to count the ways how happy I am that things are going right. I do NOT want another day like the one I just had because that will put me in a foul temper and also a fowl temper, and anyone who has been around me when I am in a foul or fowl temper knows just how bad that can be. Speaking of bad, yesterday was bad, awful, disgusting and, yes, one of those days. For example, I got up. That was a good thing. I then jogged. Most of the jog was fine, but the final mile was excruciating and I am getting very weary of the excruciating part. I do believe that after ten solid weeks of jogging every day that it should be getting easier, not more difficult. Damn them, damn them all to hell. I got home from the jog, did some stuff on the computer, worked at the piano a little, and all of that was fine. And then it began. I went to my mail place and got the check I’ve been expecting for the last week. That was a good thing. What was not a good thing was that it was made out to me personally (instead of Kritzerland), and it was post-dated until the 20th. I was irked beyond repair. The check, which should have gone in the Kritzerland account to be credited at midnight instead went into my account – they didn’t seem to notice the date, so I’m hoping the funds will be available today, and if they are then I have to go to the bank and put that money into the Kritzerland account immediately. I then called the other person who owes Kritzerland a payment, and that person said he’d paypal the money immediately. Only something went wrong and paypal wouldn’t let him because somehow he was over his limit, whatever that means. So, he said he’d Fed Ex a check IF he could get to Fed Ex in time. Then I found out that two boxes of the new book got to where they were going, but had been packed incorrectly, so the wrong people got the wrong books. They now have to send each other the respective boxes, and that made me irked, too, because I had help shipping all these packages and the person who did those boxes assured me they were done correctly – I guess I should have checked myself. By that time, I was ready to choke the life out of an orange or a persimmon, but instead I ate some hot dogs. I always find it best to eat some hot dogs if I’m feeling homicidal. The hot dogs calmed me down a little, and then I received an incoherent phone call from someone – I still can’t really figure it out. After that, I decided not to answer the phone and to just stop for the day and watch the rest of the Adam 12 episodes.

Last night, I watched the rest of the Adam 12 episodes – some good, some not so good. Two of them had great nearby location shots. The first had several, actually, the best of them being Ventura Blvd. directly across the street from what is now the building that houses the Varese Sarabande offices. The buildings to the left are exactly the same. The two gas stations that were on the northeast and northwest corner of Ventura and Carpenter are no longer there. On the northeast corner is a mini-shopping center and a restaurant called Matsuya. On the northwest corner is a tire shop. The other location was on Moorpark and Tujunga at Henry’s Tacos. Henry’s Tacos and the bar next door look exactly the same today. But across the street, on the southwest corner, where once was – you guessed it – a gas station is another mini-shopping mall. On the southeast side there is still a gas station. On the northeast side, there was – you guessed it – a gas station that is now a – you guessed it – mini-shopping mall with a Subway. All in all, I was very happy with this season two set.

Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below so I can count the ways I never want to see another day like yesterday.

Today, I am hoping to have a nicer, better day in which things run smoothly, and everything works the way in which it’s supposed to. If not, I shall do violence to both an orange AND a persimmon. Tonight I’m supposed to go see some reading of a new musical in North Hollywood. Otherwise, I’ll jog, do some writing, and try to finalize my notes on the Brain contract with Rodgers and Hammerstein, so we can wrap that whole thing up.

Tomorrow, I have no idea what’s happening, Thursday I’m seeing Miss Sharon McNight at the Gardenia, and Friday I’m meeting with Mr. Kevin Spirtas.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, jog, go to the bank (if the funds have indeed cleared), do some errands and whatnot, do a little writing and then see a reading of a new musical. Today’s topic of discussion: What was the first adult book you read – how old were you, did you read it because you wanted to or was it a school assignment, did you like it, hate it, did it make you want to read more? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I count the ways that I never want to have another day like yesterday.

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