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October 4, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I’ll say one thing: One thing. There, I said it and I’m glad. Sometimes you just have to say “one thing” and by gum and by golly and buy bonds, I have. And no matter how hard they try, they can’t take that away from me. I’ve got a pretty tight grip on that, so let them try to take that away from me – they can try, but they will fail. What the HELL am I talking about? Don’t I have to write these here notes in a hurry because she of the Evil Eye will be here bright and early? I do, and I shall, not necessarily in that order. Speaking of that order, yesterday had a lot more order than the previous two days. Let me just say this: This. There, I said it and I’m glad. Seriously, yesterday was much calmer than the previous two days and that was a good thing. I got up early, did the long jog, did some e-mailing, and then it was time to toddle off to an early lunch meeting at the French Market Place in West Hollywood. I met the singer I’m working with and we went over all the patter for her show. I’d asked her to do rough versions of everything we discussed the other day, and she had remembered some but not all of it. But, we started at the top and I basically rewrote all the patter, some of it very specifically and some of it with just the ideas, and those sections we’ll finesse later. It was a very good and productive meeting, plus I ate lunch – a BLTA on some sort of wheat bread and a side salad with no-fat French dressing. After that, I had a long telephonic conversation with our very own elmore about an upcoming gig – it was a very good conversation and I was very pleased with it. When I got back home, I found that Mr. Mark Bakalor had been able to fix a couple of things with the new board, which was great. There are still two more fixes to come, probably by today, and then everything should be pretty much back to normal, except for the people who may have been errant and truant for the last few days – if they don’t read the notes, they’ll have no idea what’s been going on and they won’t be able to access the new board. I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually. I did some work on this new number I’m writing for Nudie Musical, and it became apparent that the direction the lyric was taking wasn’t going to work at all for the slot I’d figured it would fit into in act two, but it was going to work perfectly for a slot in act one, which is now where it will end up. I’ll still have to write a short little minute-long thing for the slot in act two, but I now know exactly what that needs to be, but I’m going to wait until I see what David does with the sequence. After that, I did some errands and whatnot, picked up a package that had been errant and truant, then came back home. My pal Mr. Nick Redman came over with a CD he had for me, and then another fellow record label person came over with several other soundtrack CDs he had for me. I played several of them whilst entering the act two Nudie fixes, after which I sent the updated script to David.

I then went to Gelson’s and got some prosciutto and melon balls for my evening small meal, plus some sour cream and onion Quakes, of which I had a few. That hit the spot really well, and I had to be very stern with that for hitting spot. I was going to watch a motion picture I’d TIVOd entitled The File On Thelma Jordan, but something went wonky somewhere and it only TIVOd the first fifteen minutes. Weird. I wasn’t really in the mood to watch anything else, so instead I chose the selections to read at today’s signing and then I read them aloud, so I’d be somewhat prepared.

Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below and whilst we’re doing so, let me just say very strongly: Very strongly.

Today, I’ll be getting up early. As soon as she of the Evil Eye arrives, I’ll do the long jog. Then I’ll leave, get the cake for the signing, do a few errands, and then return by 12:15 to shave and shower. At one, I’ll be picking up former dear reader Hisaka somewhere on Ventura Blvd. in the City of Studio, as she wanted to come to the signing. We’ll then head over to Mystery and Imagination Books, set everything up, and hope we have some people in attendance. I think we’ll have at least six, but I was really hoping we’d do as well as last year, when we had about twenty. Everyone I queried about this date said it was the best for them. Then everyone suddenly had other things to do – trips out of town, other events, just one after another, so I’ve watched my larger crowd dwindle down to almost nothing. It’s very frustrating when this stuff happens, and it’s not just me, it’s a lot of fellow authors, some of whom are much more well known than I. Still, we’ll have fun no matter how many show up. I’ve done these with as few as five people in attendance and it was still fun.

After the signing, I’ll probably drop former dear reader Hisaka at a bus stop, and then I’ll do some errands and get ready for the evening event or events – I’m supposed to go to a little fundraiser for Hollywood Sheet Music, and I’m also supposed to go to an engagement partay, but I’m probably going to end up doing only one of them and I’m just not sure which.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to the Hollywood Collector’s Show and hanging out for a few hours, seeing a few dealer friends and a few celebs I know.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, do the long jog, pick up a cake, pick up a former dear reader, do a signing/reading, do errands, and attend one event. Today’s topic of discussion: What is your all-time favorite kind of cake? Let’s have favorite home-made cake, favorite cake from a bakery, and favorite cake from a restaurant, whether old or new. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, and let me just say I hope we all have a lovelier than lovely day: I hope we all have a lovelier than lovely day.

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