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October 30, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, where HAS this week gone? As a matter of fact, where HAS this month gone? As a matter of fact, where HAS this year gone? I gotta tell you. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just slow down a little and stop and smell the roses or the coffee or the peat moss or even the Pete Moss? What the HELL is peat moss anyway? And who the HELL is Pete Moss and why is he saying those terrible things about me? What the HELL am I talking about? Speaking of peat moss and Pete Moss, yesterday was actually a very pleasant day all around. For example, I got up. That was very pleasant all around. My helper then showed up to begin entering a plethora of e-mail addresses into my Constant Contact list, and I went for the long jog, which was very pleasant all around. I got back, took a shower, and then was happy to see that the new Kritzerland CD was close to selling out – by the end of the day it had, in fact, sold out and Pete Moss got the last copy, damn his eyes. It was the first Kritzerland sellout in less than twenty-four hours. I was, needless to say, pleased as punch, and I think we all know how pleased punch is. I celebrated by having a nice lunch at the Studio CafĂ©, where I had two poached eggs on an English muffin, a small side salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and about six Buffalo drumettes, all very yummilicious. I did some errands, and received a copy of the new book about Stephen Schwartz. Even though my name does not appear in its index, I am indeed quoted in the book at least once. Finally, it was time to sit on my couch like so much fish.

Last night, I finished watching Iron Man. I didn’t find the final thirty minutes any better than the preceding ninety. It’s gone on the trade pile. I then watched a motion picture on DVD entitled Robbery, a film I’ve always wanted to see, made in the UK in the mid-1960s. It stars Stanley Baker (who also produced), gorgeous Joanna Petit, Barry Foster, and a lot of good Brit actors. The film is based on a real-life robbery of a train, which happened around 1963. It’s an oddly structured film, but I really liked it a lot. It has a terrific score by Johnny Keating, who was better known as a big-band leader in the 60s, but whose two film scores, this and Hotel, are amongst my favorite 60s scores. It’s a shame he didn’t do more film scores. The film was directed by Peter Yates, and there’s an excellent car chase at the beginning which is clearly the precursor to Mr. Yates’ classic car chase in Bullitt. The transfer on this region 2 DVD is, unfortunately, a full frame transfer – not open matte, but zoomed in, which means the sides of the film are cut off quite severely. A shame, as the color is excellent – the contrast is a little milky, but I was quite taken with the film and was glad to finally see it. I have several other region 2 DVDs to watch in the next few days, including one I’m very interested in called Up The Junction, and one I’ve never seen called Paris Blues, with Paul Newman.

Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below because I must ponder peat moss vs. Pete Moss vs. Peat Moss vs. pete moss.

Today, I must get up, do the long jog, and then be on my way to a four-hour work session with the singer. After that, I shall probably go back home and get ready to brave the traffic down to La Mirada to see Happy Days – The Musical, with my friend Mr. Barry Pearl. I think I’ll leave around five so that I can have dinner before the show. I will, of course, have a full report for you.

Tomorrow I have a three-hour work session with the singer, then a half-hour meeting at LACC, then it will be time to give out lots of Halloween candy to the various and sundried trick or treaters who come by.

Saturday is show time for the singer – I’ll be with her for the sound check, then I’ll be dining at the Gardenia and seeing the show at nine.

Sunday, unless I’m mistaken, is mine all mine and I shall do a whole lot of nothing.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, do the long jog, have a long work session, eat, and see a show in La Mirada. Today’s topic of discussion: What are your all-time favorite heist pictures – it’s a genre I love, so I’ll be looking forward to your choices. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, and maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky Pete Moss will post or maybe we will post some peat moss.

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