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October 16, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, blow me over with a tortilla, but I do believe I’m on the road to Wellville and almost all better. One more day and I should be ship-shape and also shape-ship. I’m still feeling just a little foggy, but I’ve stopped the Ny-Quil, and only do an Alavert and a Mucinex cocktail just before bed. And if I’m feeling even better, I’ll probably forego those this very evening. Speaking of this very evening, yesterday was another day where I tried not to exert myself too much. I got up, did a few things on the computer, and then did the long jog, during which, of course, I exerted myself. I then waited for the pool man to arrive so we could chat once again about the green water. He seemed baffled by the green water, since he thought it would be blue water, since he gave it the blue water treatment last week. He told me he was going to clean out the filter and pump and then put some more blue water chemicals in the pool. I then had to go do quite a few errands, which I did as quickly as possible. Once again, I had no packages and no regular mail – most annoying. I could not decide what to eat – and finally I just made three eggs and a couple of pieces of toast, and that was my basic meal o’ the day. I also ate four count them four small macaroons, surprisingly calorie-friendly and low in fat grams, and boy were they yummilicious. Later, because I’d read about it on our discussion board, I got some tomatoes and a cucumber and had some tomato and cucumber in vinegar with a little salt and pepper – it, too, was quite yummilicious and really hit the spot, whilst being almost calorie-free. I wrote the final two lines of the new number I’ve been working on, so that’s done now. I tried to stay off the telephonic device, because I’m really trying to get my voice back to normal and the only way that’s going to happen is if I shut the HELL up. I did have one telephonic call in the evening, but it wasn’t that long and I spoke softly.

Last night, I watched a motion picture I’d TIVOd and a motion picture on DVD. The motion picture I’d TIVOd was entitled High School Confidential, starring Mr. Russ Tamblyn, Miss Mamie Van Doren, and a lot of other people. I saw this film when it came out and I enjoyed it quite a bit – it wasn’t really considered camp back then. Now it’s a different world and it’s easy to laugh at the risible beatnik dialogue, the Mary Jane (marijuana) cigarettes, and Miss Van Doren’s rather outrageous behavior. And then there’s the preachy stuff, which is amusing, as well. Mr. Tamblyn does well and boy was he skinny. Of course, if you read the TCM synopsis of the film before you watched it, the little twist that occurs two-thirds of the way through would have been ruined. It was fun to see it again, and I always enjoy watching Miss Jan Sterling. I then watched the motion picture on DVD, which was entitled Dr. Renault’s Secret, a real low-budget programmer from Fox. It’s not a great film or even a good film, but at fifty-eight minutes it’s a short film and it has its moments, most especially a sensitive performance from J. Carroll Naish as the titular secret. George Zucco does his thing as he always does, and Harry Lachman directs very nicely (Mr. Lachman is one of the regular Charlie Chan directors). Transfer is fine, and the featurette is the usual drivel with the usual suspects.

What am I, Ebert and Roeper all of a sudden? Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below because I must get to bed and get my beauty sleep so I can hopefully feel even better.

Today, I shall be doing some writing, some running, some erranding, some eating, and then this evening I’m supposed to attend some small AIDS benefit in West Hollywood. It will depend on how I feel, and I have to call and find out how I get in – am I on a list, do I see someone at the door? I have no idea what sort of event it is – it’s at a small club of some sort. Don’t know if there’ll be food or just drink or if it’s a party or what? I’ll probably eat during the day.

Tomorrow, I have more writing to do, I have an early lunch with Miss Susan Egan, and then I have a LACCTAA meeting at my house, after which I’m sure I’ll watch a DVD or three.

The weekend is clear at the moment and I’ll probably keep it that way, because next week is going to be a little nutty. We have a lot of Kevin and Sean rehearsals, to whip their show into shape for our performance on October 27th. At the same time, I’m also working with the other singer, who does her show a week later. Additionally, I have meetings and meals scheduled as well. I have to find the Kevin/Sean rehearsal schedule so I can put it on my iCalendar, otherwise havoc could occur.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, do the long jog, write, do some errands and whatnot, eat, and then perhaps attend a benefit. Today’s topic of discussion: What are your all-time favorite horror films – from the silents right up to current day? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I continue on the road to Wellville.

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