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December 25, 2008:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, Santa Claus is coming to town and he knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for heaven’s sake. I’m sure he’s already visited our East Coast denizens, but he won’t get here for at least another thirty minutes. He does get around, my close personal friend Mr. Santa Claus does. I hope he leaves lots of wonderful gifts for everyone and that today is the merriest Christmas of them all. Speaking of the merriest Christmas of them all, yesterday was a day in which I cooked and cleaned and got all spruced up for the annual BK Christmas Do. I got up very early, did the long jog (very chilly out, but I got through it), then came home and began the long and endless preparations for the spaghetti sauce. I chopped, I minced, I diced, I sliced, I sautéed, I simmered, I stirred, and I simmered some more. I also cleaned, showered, shaved, and got ready for the Do, wearing a lovely size 32 pants and a size medium pullover. I picked up a package and some mail, which was the only time I ventured out in the car. I set the table, lit the candles, lit a log in the fireplace, and boiled the water for the pasta. I made four count them four pounds of spaghetti, and I made a huge amount of sauce, as I had no idea how many people were going to show up.

First to arrive was Miss Adriana Patti, who was very helpful in helping set up. She was followed by Druxy and his lovely wife, Sandy. Then came former dear reader Panni, who was followed by occasional dear reader and East Coaster Noel. Then we had producer John Holly and friend. That was it for a while, and then we had Miss Adryan Russ and her hubby and What If and Deceit stage manager Dale. Our very own Doug Haverty and his lovely wife, and singer Jan Abrams and her husband. Miss Patti’s mum came by, as did a new friend from the Film Score Monthly message board, who was accompanied by his partner. And, of course, our beloved dear reader PennyO was there, as was my neighbor Ellen Butterfield. Shockingly, this was the first Christmas Eve Do that I remember Miss Barbara Deutsch and clan missing. It was odd not having her there. There were several other no-shows, but the weather was yucky and rainy, so that might have had something to do with it. Lots of spaghetti was consumed, as well as tuna pasta salad (more of that was eaten than usual), donuts were downed, liquid refreshment was had, and several people brought various and sundried desserts and plenty of those were eaten. The conversation was sparkling and fun, and it was just a festively festive evening. I had a request to show Turkey Lurkey Time from our recent Bacharach benefit, which I did. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. The partay finally broke up around 9:45. I ate some additional spaghetti and tuna pasta salad (I’d had two small helpings earlier) but stayed away from all the desserts and only had a half a roll. I ate way too much, but I did jog and I am allowed one splurge meal, so this was obviously it. I’m still extremely full as I write this. I really overdid the pasta and ended up throwing out at least two and a half of the four pounds. There was quite a bit of sauce left, some of which I put in a container and froze, and some of which I put in a bowl and placed in the refrigerator. I then sat on my couch like so much stuffed fish and watched a mediocre episode of Mannix, during which I fell asleep for about ten minutes.

And that was the Christmas Eve Do and it was delightfully delightful in every way. I’ve already done most of the dishes and the dining table is completely clean. I will post photographs shortly, as soon as I get them into Photobucket.

Well, why don’t we all click on the Unseemly Button below because I don’t want to catch mommy kissing Santa Claus. Actually, thinking about it, that would be quite weird.

Today, in case you haven’t heard, is Christmas. I intend to get a good night’s sleep, I intend to open gifts when I arise, I intend to do the long jog (weather permitting), and I intend to watch a few motion pictures on DVD. I then intend to toddle off to Miss Cissy Wechter’s Christmas Day partay, which I’m quite certain will be filled with great food, music, and very nice people.

Tomorrow, I have no plans, really. Oh, I’ll put postage on all the Kritzerland packages, so that all that has to happen is to put CDs in them and take them to the postal office. I may also go out early and see Doubt and one or two other films. Then again, I may not. And the rest of the weekend will be similar. I’ve been invited to a screening of something or other on Saturday night, but I can’t remember what it is. I may or may not go.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, open gifts, do the long jog, relax and smell the roses or the coffee or the chocolate donuts, and then I must attend a partay. Today’s topic of discussion: Our ten-best lists continue – what were your ten favorite books you read this year? If not ten, whatever number works. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I go to bed because Santa Claus is coming to town and he doesn’t like us to see him do his handiwork.

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