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January 23, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, since yesterday’s notes were so long-winded, I feel today’s notes should be short-winded. But let me start by saying that Muse Margaret read the final ninety pages of the new book and had not one word to say other than she loved the new pages, was moved, and thought the ending worked splendidly. This was just what I was hoping and needed to hear, and I was thrilled with her reaction. When I’d arisen at ten and a half-hour later began futzing and finessing, I made a lot of little changes, adding about three hundred more words and just under one page. Basically I was really happy with everything I’d written, but there were rough spots to smooth, a few additions to make, some things to move around, and just a couple of things to remove. Once I’d done those changes I read through them, added one final line, which I knew was really good, and then off to the Xerox it went.

Now, it was pouring rain for most of yesterday. I mean POURING rain, flooded streets. Wouldn’t you think sane people who didn’t have to Xerox pages for their muse would stay the HELL home? Wouldn’t you think that? But noooooo, not the spoiled and entitled of Studio City. They can’t sit still that long, they MUST be out, and apparently the place to be during a huge rainstorm is Staples. The parking lot was full, although thankfully the Xerox section had no people there. So, he ran my copy but realized there were four pages missing. That seemed very peculiar to me, but I drove back home quickly, printed those four pages, and hurried back.

I went over to Jerry’s – this was at noon-thirty – knowing it would probably be impossible but thinking maybe the rain had acted as a detriment but noooooo, full parking lot and no getting in. So, I came home, listened to some music, had some telephonic conversations, the helper came by, and then I went back to Jerry’s at two-thirty and got right in. I have, from time to time, seen people having the pizza there and it always looks good to me, so I asked my waitress about it and she raved, so I took the chance on a small (personal-size) pepperoni pizza (four small slices). And surprise of surprises, it was pretty damn good, in fact it was VERY damn good. That’s the funny thing about Jerry’s – aside from the chicken soup, they kind of suck at the actual Jewish food, but they excel at Mexican and Eyetalian. Go know. Anyway, that was a pleasant ninety minutes, after which I came home. At four-thirty, Muse Margaret called and I went right over and gave her the pages. We chatted for just a bit but she was really anxious to read them, so I left and came home again.

Once back, I began writing some of the commentary and finished about a third of it. Then I sat on my couch like so much fish and watched an hour of the Twilight Time Blu and Ray of The Barefoot Contessa. I’ve never actually seen it before and I must say it’s quite enjoyable with some really entertaining dialogue and performances. I’ll finish it up tonight. At some point during my viewing I got the Muse Margaret call and we spoke for quite a while and I was really happy and smiling and so I did the complete Dance at the Gym whilst eating some cashews. After that, I just relaxed, listened to music, and that was that.

Today, I’ll actually be up by nine to take the new book to Staples where I shall have two copies printed and spiral-bound. One for me to proof, and one for Muse Margaret to read straight through and so she has an easy to deal with reference copy should I have questions for her, rather than all the loose pages she has, some of which have been revised based on her previous comments. Then I have a noon o’clock lunch with Star Trek writer D.C. Fontana and her ever-lovin’ Dennis Skotak. After that, I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, then I’ll come home and finish the commentary, then relax.

Tomorrow I have a dinner, and the rest of the week is meetings and meals and maybe by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll start reading through the new book, proofing and making any notes of things I may think I can improve, although this version is already heavily rewritten, as I do that as I go, before moving on. But usually in the early part of the book, where I was feeling my way, there may be a thing or two I think should be adjusted in some way. We shall wee. Thursday is also our first Kritzerland rehearsal, which I’m very much looking forward to. After I finish my proofing and run anything I’m thinking about by Muse Margaret, I will then send the book to the three proofers. I’ve also got Doug Haverty thinking about possible title treatments and cover designs.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, Xerox two copies of the book, have a lunch, hopefully pick up some packages, finish the commentary, finish The Barefoot Contessa, and relax. Today’s topic of discussion: What are your favorite motion pictures starring Miss Ava Gardner and Mr. Edmund O’Brian? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have had the happy call that made me happy.

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