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January 6, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I just finished writing my pages for the day, a little over eleven in all, and now I must write these here notes, without even a five-minute break. Usually I finish my writing by ten or ten-thirty so I have an hour or more to relax, but yesterday was a funny old day in which I spent way too much time on the telephonic device, so that I didn’t write quite the way I usually do. I got all the pages done, yes, but I would have written more earlier had it not been for the unwieldy telephone day. I was up at ten, when my scheduled Apple call was supposed to happen. But that fellow had e-mailed me and said he’d be a half hour or so. So, whilst waiting for him I called DirecTV to discuss my bill, which went up twenty dollars since last August. I didn’t notice it until a month ago. So, some fellow in the Philippines got on the line with me and told me he would absolutely save me money if only I’d use all their other services. I told him there were only two options – close the account or go back down to the previous price. He would not stop trying to sell me these extra things, and I just kept repeating about the two options, and after an additional ten minutes of that palaver I simply said to him, close the account now. At that point, he finally said he had to switch me over to an account specialist. I told him I wished he’d done that twenty minutes ago, but wished him a nice day. I was then on hold for twenty minutes, and when someone finally picked up they promptly hung up without even a word.

I then called back, since the Apple guy was still on another call, and once again I got the Philippines and this time I told that gal who answered to put me directly through to an account specialist – she tried to launch into the same spiel but I shut her down instantly. She put me on hold and twenty minutes later someone finally answered. I told him to close my account because I did not appreciate all the runaround. He asked what he could do to not do that and I told him he could lower the price to something I was comfortable with right then without a single word other than telling me what that price would be. He quoted a number that was less than I was paying before the hike, so I agreed. He said it lasts a year and then I have to call back and he assured me I’d get the same deal. So, that was that.

Then the Apple guy called and we discussed my problems with the computer freezing. He tried a new thing and perhaps that will do the trick. It only took a few seconds to do. I had a few other questions, and that was that. Then I futzed and finessed the previous day’s writing, adding, removing, smoothing, and quite a bit of it, completely rethinking one little section, which got much better with the rewrite of it. Then I wrote a page or so, then the helper came and we had to call the postage service we use so they could explain a few things that weren’t making sense to either of us. Then I went and had a Chinese chicken salad and a bagel. After that, I picked up a couple of packages, then came home.

Once home, I wrote about six pages, so that was good. Then I had to answer e-mails and I had another telephonic conversation, this with Paypal, about some stuff I didn’t understand. Then I relaxed and listened to a couple of SACD CDs, then went back to writing. I wrote a couple more pages, had to research a couple of things, then wrote another half-page. Then I went and put gas in the motor car, came back home and wrote another half-page for a grand total of a bit over eleven pages, which seems to be what I’m doing on this book. I think when I’m further along and I know exactly where things are heading I’ll probably write a few more pages a day. But this feels right for now.

Today, I shall be up by ten, I’ll futz and finesse, write a page or two, then I have a noon o’clock lunch meeting that will probably go until two. Then I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, after which I’ll come home and write more pages. I’ll also finish doing the show order so I can write the commentary. I’ll relax, then write some more, then relax with some music listening.

The weekend is writing, writing, and writing, plus I’ll be giving Muse Margaret the first set of pages – if I give them to her on Saturday afternoon it will be about seventy pages in all – if it’s Sunday I can probably give her seventy-five. We shall see.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, futz and finesse, write, have a lunch meeting, hopefully pick up packages, write, finish making the show order, write, and relax. Today’s topic of discussion: It’s Friday – what is currently in your CD player and your DVD/Blu and Ray player? I’ll start – CD, more Khatchaturian. DVD, a screener of Loving. Your turn. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, hoping to not have another unwieldy telephone day for a while.

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