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June 16, 2017:

1001 Minutes of New Musicals Production A reviewed by Rob Stevens


Production A of New Musicals Inc.’s 1001 Minutes of New Musicals contains the three weakest offerings of their program of 12 mini musicals. There is not much of a reason for any of these pieces to have songs. John Piraino’s book for Kantata Koffee Kompany is a childish cliché of feds vs. the mob in a caffeine setting. The childlike direction by Warren Davis only muddies the action. Bang bang indeed! Maureen Borillo’s A Zombie, A Dragon and a Vampire Who Sparkles is only for nerds and perhaps not even for them. Two nerds get two girls to join them in the basement for a role-playing game that is probably better left un-played. Grace Jasmine’s Sybil’s Closet has potential as a sitcom pilot (sans the mediocre songs). A kleptomaniac attracted to shiny things, a drag queen neighbor, an easily befuddled flirt and the local parson gather for a friendly game of bridge. Think The Golden Girls with two men and a deck of cards. Kurt Koehler as Betty (aka Mr. Hackford) stole his scenes and the entire evening.



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