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June 19, 2017:

Dead Boys reviewed by Rob Stevens


The boys in Matthew Scott Montgomery’s Dead Boys at the Hollywood Fringe Festival may not be dead but everyone else in their town seems to be after some apocalyptic event. Levi (Montgomery) has made a home for himself in the basement of his former high school. He has been hiding out there for a couple of weeks since there is a supply of water and the generator keeps the lights on most of the time. He has collected books from the library to occupy his down time. He forages the town by day for food and today discovered Carter (Andrew Puente), a former classmate. As they fill each other in on what they have been up to and make plans for the future, we see their old aggressor/victim selves come to the fore. But Montgomery has a few surprises in store in his script and his fast paced direction keeps this two-hander from becoming static. Both actors cleanly delineate their roles and have a nice chemistry.



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