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June 5, 2017:

Masc4Masc reviewed by Rob Stevens


In Masc4Masc, playwright Dylan Wallace has taken a sitcom script from 1970s prime time and updated it to today’s West Hollywood milieu. William (Wallace) tries to help his love starved and sex starved roommate Richard (Robert Shields) navigate the dating scene. Think Laverne & Shirley with dildos, sex robots and leather drag queens. There are laughs a plenty in the script with the in-your-face language and no cliché unspoken. It is given a gung ho presentation by director Bob Telford. The actors are game for the campy shenanigans, especially Kevin Carranza as the gigantic drag queen psychic/bartender Mimi. Jeffrey Fargo’s interpretation of Jer-Bear, a sex robot, is a bit too robotic to make the laughs really pay off. Jennifer Johnson is saddled with the totally obnoxious and unnecessary role of Pamala or is it Pomala? And does anyone care? There isn’t much machismo on display in this 45 minute sex spoof and everyone has a tendency to shout their lines at all times, but the audience ate it up like lo cal dessert.



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