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June 10, 2017:

My Mid 20’s Crisis The Musical reviewed by Rob Stevens


Kali Morgan Davis’s World Premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, My Mid 20s Crisis The Musical, has an identity crisis of its own. One of her main characters—Debora is turning 30, not exactly a mid 20’s occurrence. Debora’s biggest crisis seems to be whether or not to freeze her ovarian eggs for future use, a decision women older and younger also struggle with. Actually none of the problems encountered by the cast of characters—bad credit, out-of-control shopping sprees, insane acting teachers, absurd casting directors, social media dating—are specific to people in their mid 20’s. So no amount of “Anxiety,” which seems to be the title of the opening song, these Millennials sing about seems that earth-shaking. Davis also directed and the show runs barely an hour as it sort of careens from scene to scene with no true purpose. Davis wrote the book and collaborated on the lyrics with her brother, Matt Davis, who composed the music and also appears in the cast. His song about testosterone is one of the better ones in the score. Casey McCoy accompanies on keyboards and most often overpowers the weak singing voices of the six person cast. Christine Hinchee’s choreography, especially the tap dancing ovarian eggs each holding a handful of sperm, is the show’s one saving grace. The friends and family who viewed the show with me hooted and hollered over everything, even the blackouts.



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