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June 5, 2017:

Sex Anyone reviewed by Rob Stevens


After seeing the Fringe Festival offering, Sex Anyone, I am more inclined to ask the question “Musical Theatre Writing 101” anyone? Please. Pretty please. John Freed’s attempt (he wrote the book, music and lyrics) is an hour of wasted time on the part of the audience (although the preview performance I attended was filled with cheering friends and family) and who knows how much time Freed himself wasted putting this together. It comes off as one of the missing steps in a Twelve Step Program—don’t bore your audience. The show does deal both with alcoholics and sexual obsessive behavior. John (Brayden Hade) has sex with seven different men on seven different days every week according to his song. He tells his AA friend Terry (Eric Ruff) he doesn’t have a problem but he just can’t seem to stay away from the sex clubs. He tags along to an AA meeting and meets Marty (Fernando Christopher) and the two are suddenly in love and living together although John is still frequenting the sex club. Jake (David Colville), John’s SOA sponsor is dying of cancer and tells John to come to grips with his past to ensure his future. Soon ghost parents are on view before a happy ending arrives. The voices are not stellar but then the material they’ve been given is bargain basement. There is no musicality in the plentiful but blissfully short songs. The only one to make an impression is the gospel tinged “Send Me a Man.” George Tynan Crowley has fitfully directed and the cast just seem to wander about the stage most of the time. There is a major casting flaw in giving the role of young John to a buxom female. But that is the least of this show’s problems.



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