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June 2, 2017:

Who You Calling a Bitch?!? reviewed by Rob Stevens


Sacha Elie has created a nifty, interesting, intriguing, fast-paced 45 minute solo show for the Hollywood Fringe Festival—Who You Calling a Bitch?!? The audience is given sides as they enter the holding place waiting to audition to be the latest “Angry Black Woman.” Raquel Mills is a bundle of nerves as she waits with the rest of the group, sharing how casting directors always seem to like her. There are three roles of iconic Black Women Mills can choose to channel for her audition. She outright rejects the role of Gone With the Wind ‘s beloved Mammy as being too subservient. She really takes to the classy First Black Bitch on TV, Dynasty’s very own Dominique Devereaux. (It is so great to see this truly iconic character and the actress, Diahann Carroll, get a long overdo shout out.) But Dominique has competition for the Bitch Queen title from Ms. Ray Ray, one of the ubiquitous sassy and brassy Housewives from Bravo TV. Elie effortlessly morphs from Dominique to Ray Ray as they battle for Raquel’s mind, soul and body. Finally over the two of them bickering, Mammy takes control of the stage and provides the voice of reason in an impassioned speech of empowerment. Elie has written and directed a tour-de-force role for herself and she effortlessly straddles the line between comedy and drama throughout the piece. I hope she gets the role.



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