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July 22, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I have had on the table next to my bed two legal-sized pads. I keep these there so I have something to write on should I be inspired in the middle of the night. But these two pads have long passed their expiry date and are filled with endless jottings. Now, I haven’t looked at these pads in years. But when I got up in the morning after almost eight hours of sleep, I thought to myself, “Myself, why do I have these two pads here that I can’t write on and why have I had them here for years?” I had no answer for myself, so I gathered them up and brought them to the computer, where I began looking through the older of the two pads. Well, how very interesting was that? Very. Very, very. Very, very, very, and that is three verys. My jottings on this particular pad went all the way back to Rewind. So, there are tons of Rewind notes, then tons of notes for the short story collection. There’s almost a complete bullet point outline for what became Deceit – I don’t know that I ever looked at it after writing, but the play is almost exactly what’s in those bullet points. There were some amusing alternate titles, too.

And then there are notes for the first three Adriana Hofstetter books, spread over the two pads. And from the first memoir, too. Some of these notes are very interesting, and some are very wrong-headed and were never done let alone even thought about. Then I found some assorted lyric ideas, a couple of which weren’t too bad, so I’ve put those somewhere safe. I will, of course, keep the pads for historical reasons. So, that is A Tale of Two Pads.

Yesterday was a peculiar little day – nothing really wrong with it, and nothing really exceptional about it. I answered e-mails, had telephonic calls, and then I had my first Freshly meal – vegetarian penne in red sauce. It wasn’t my favorite and I shan’t be having it again. I listened to lots of music – all sorts, from Mahler to William Bolcom (I’ve begun listening to his opera of A View from the Bridge) to Chopin preludes orchestrated by Jean Francaix to Tchaikovsky (the complete The Nutcracker ballet on Mercury conducted by Antal Dorati and recorded no 35mm film and remastered from those original tapes. I’ve had this two-CD set for twenty years and have never played it once. Well, it was utterly delightful, beautifully performed, and the sound – oh, goodness, the sound. Spectacular.

I was waffling about whether to go to the theater, basically just to say hi to some friends. I ultimately did go. I arrived and was told the sound wasn’t working. The sound designer was on his way to the theater to see why. So, that was completely irritating. I figured from the outset that some moron was in the booth this week messing around with the sound equipment – what else could it be? So, the sound designer arrived, rebooted the computer, and checked the amp and sure enough someone had changed the input to something other than the one we use. Once that was switched back, we had the sound back. But what if he hadn’t been available? The gal who operates isn’t a technician. I left right after the show began, but later I got the report that the sound was a disaster. Things weren’t working correctly – no music, door buzzers not working (everyone knocked) – just ridiculous and amateur. After the show, the sound designer finally realized that the moron had not only switched the input but repatched several cords in back – yes, without putting it back the way it was and without telling anyone. Well, needless to say, everyone is getting a very strong e-mail about this – VERY strong. I want the booth locked, or the equipment covered with a big note that says anyone who touches that equipment in any way, shape, or form, will be held accountable and perhaps even ousted from the company.

Once I was home, it was more music and a little salad from Gelson’s (fewer than 100 calories) and then my second Freshly meal, the chicken risotto, which was great.

Today, I have a few errands and whatnot to do, hopefully I’ll pick up some packages, I’ll eat the first of the Freshly meals, do some work on the computer, listen to music, relax, and then watch something whilst eating the second Freshly meal. I won’t be attending the show.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the theater towards the end of the matinee and then we have a talkback, which I’m looking forward to. Then there’s a partay at Doug Haverty’s home environment, with good eating ahead. Next week is all meetings and meals, working on the computer, at least one work session, and many other things.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, do errands and whatnot, hopefully pick up packages, eat, do work on the computer, relax, eat, and watch something. Today’s topic of discussion: Are you a packrat? Do you keep everything or can you easily throw out stuff without even a second thought? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, with no pads on the bedside table until I find a blank one, but am happy to have told A Tale of Two Pads.

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