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July 15, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, it was the second day of eating Freshly and I have to say I am really enjoying my Freshly journey and I’m hopeful that this will be a very pleasant way to lose weight, given that each meal is between 400 and 600 calories – the most calories you’ll have from two Freshly meals in one day is about 1250 and that’s a number that’s very weight-loss friendly. As you know, the first day I had chicken risotto and then steak with peppercorn sauce and both were very good. Yesterday my two Freshly meals were four small meatballs served with ziti in marinara sauce – excellent. And then last night I had the meat loaf with peas and pearl onions and some sliced red potatoes in some kind of light sauce. That was my favorite so far – the meat loaf was great and the potatoes were out of this world, as were the peas and pearl onions – a total winner. So far I’d definitely recommend this place.

Yesterday was certainly a day, a Friday I believe. I got my eight hours of sleep, got up, answered e-mails, did some work on the computer, and then I had my Freshly meal. Then Kay and John came over and we ran the show, Kay marking the vocals as she wanted to have a day of rest, voice-wise. It went very smoothly with only some minor patter hiccups. But as I watched the last third of the act I knew something wasn’t quite right. I’d actually written myself a note about it on Tuesday but then didn’t do anything about it. But each day we’d get to that part I’d think, “I should address this and figure it out.” And yesterday I finally did – and it was mainly because Kay forgot where she was after her second to last number. And she forgot it because the storytelling there doesn’t progress correctly. And my fix for it fixed that. It took about ten minutes to figure it out and finally it involved cutting on song that’s part of a three-song sequence about love, and moving this thing that I felt was in the wrong place to section two of that love sequence, where it actually makes perfect sense and works brilliantly. So, that was the last piece of the puzzle and we’ll do it that way today. Kay has been such a good egg about these little fixes and learns them quickly.

Then they left and I went and picked up some packages and then had a nice visit with Mr. Grant Geissman. After that, I came home, did more work on the computer, did an errand, and then went to the theater to clean up a murder.

I cleaned up the murder, hung out with some folks I know, and then I decided to stay and watch through the murder. I have to say it was a really good performance, with everyone on their “A” game. The murder went well, too. We had a really nice audience, about half a house, which I gather for a Friday night is more than they usually have, so that was nice. Once the murder was over, I snuck out and came right home, where I had my second Freshly meal. Throughout the day I listened to music – some William Bolcom, a hit-and-miss kind of guy, but when he hits boy is he great, I began the Gunter Wand Bruckner cycle, which I think may even have the edge on Eugen Jochum’s cycle – both are great. I heard a bit of the symphonies of Rimsky-Korsakov – not in love with them, but must give another listen. And also the Mikhail Pletnov Rachmaninov symphonies. His set has gotten raves and non-raves, but every listener hears whatever they hear. For me, I really enjoyed his first symphony – it actually made sense to me, especially in its final movement, and the sound is lovely and clear and I heard things I hadn’t heard before. And as I type these here notes I’m listening to the second symphony, of which I own more performances than anything else. And of those, thus far I’d rank this one very high – again, I heard things in the first movement that I hadn’t heard before because the orchestra balances are revealing some really nice inter-lines, especially in the cellos. In the more bombastic sections he’s not quite as bombastic as Previn or others I like, but it’s perfectly valid not to be and I like the different approach, as there’s not such a huge dynamic change between the beautiful slow stuff and the more dynamic fast stuff. Again, the sound is just beautiful on these recordings. Crystal clear and detailed.

Today, she of the Evil Eye is coming so I’ll hang out here as much as I can, then go do some errands and whatnot, but not eat, as I have my final two Freshly meals until next Thursday. Then at two we have our final run-through for Kay’s show – we have about six people coming to watch, which will be very helpful for her – get all that nervousness out of her and hear some of the reactions. It will also help me in terms of pacing, laughs, and the other stuff I’ll attend to if anything feels off. After that, I’ll hopefully pick up packages, I’ll eat my first Freshly meal, work on the Kritzerland show and songs, and then around nine I’ll have my second Freshly meal. I’ll probably watch a motion picture, too, as well as listen to more music.

Tomorrow, I’ll relax until it’s time for sound check. Then I’ll have me a Caesar salad (maybe with some chicken) for my meal o’ the day – but no bread and no sweets. Then we do the show. I will, of course, have a full report for you.

Next week is Kritzerland show stuff, quite a few meetings and meals, seeing an ASMAC tribute to our very own Grant Geissman, where he’ll be talking about his career. And I’ll start adding to the Levi revision – not much, but fixing typos, adding a few things, and then meeting with the two Richards – Sherman and Allen – to talk through some musical changes I’m asking for. So, a busy little week.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, do errands and whatnot, have our final run-through of Kay’s show with a few folks in attendance, hopefully pick up packages, eat, do stuff for the Kritzerland show, eat again, and relax. Today’s topic of discussion: With all these newfangled meal services, have you ever thought of trying one? Either fully prepared meals like Freshly or where the ingredients come and you actually do the cooking – the latter doesn’t interest me at all, actually. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, so far very happy with eating Freshly.

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