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July 3, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I had a pleasantly pleasant Sunday, my first day away from Dial ‘M’ for Murder in almost a week. I slept ten hours, but I cannot shake this damn cough, which is still horrible and I’m still not feeling up to snuff. Damn them, damn them all to HELL. The Darling Daughter texted me to see if I could do something with her, so I told her to come see the show and that I’d meet her after and we could go eat. And that’s what she did.

Whilst she was viewing the play, I wrote the Kay Cole patter, which she can now do whatever she likes with. Then I moseyed on over to the theater just in time for the final two minutes of the play. I was more than pleased to see we had a really nice house – close to seventy people, very unusual this early in the game and the hope is that it bodes well for the entire run.

The Darling Daughter really enjoyed the show a lot. Her favorite was the actor playing Captain Lesgate. I took her backstage so she could meet everyone. And we showed her how the “gag” works. Then we went to the Coral Café. She had a waffle (she’s become a vegetarian) and I had a bacon cheeseburger with 1000-Island dressing, and a few fries. We had a lovelier than lovely time, then she went back to where she’s staying (she’s helping her best friend move) and I came directly home after stopping to pick up no packages. Once home, I answered a few e-mails, then sat on my couch like so much coughing fish.

Last night I watched two count them two documentaries on the Flix of Net, both hard-hitting and excellent. The first was called Betting on Zero, a documentary about Herbalife and it being a pyramid scam. It’s really good and it’s really annoying to watch these egomaniacs thinking they can get away with anything. You see lots of people who had their lives ruined because of the deceptions and not understanding that when you’re that low on the pyramid you cannot possibly do anything but lose all your money. These pyramid things pop up all the time and the people who get in on the first wave frequently have it completely take over their lives – yes, they become wealthy, get gifts of cars and vacations, but at the expense of all the people they rope in and then all the people that the people they roped in rope in. I was actually asked by someone who got in on the ground floor of one of these things, to give her my mailing list so she could recruit – I have to imagine she asked everyone she knew. I, of course, shared nothing, nor would I ever. It was very well done and also had a good score by Pete Anthony.

The second documentary was entitled I Am Jane Doe, a documentary about child sex trafficking via ads placed on backpage.com. It’s another infuriating thing to watch, as the justice system fails over and over again to fix a loophole in a bill that was passed in the 90s that protects website owners from third-party content. But when those owners are aiding and abetting by telling the third-parties how to get around things and what words to use, well, they should be taken down. Case after case is lost, and those judges will hopefully live in infamy for their stupidity and blindness. These are CHILDREN we’re talking about here. And the owners who blithely don’t show up despite being subpoenaed and who then take the fifth and refuse to answer questions when they do show up? They are the scum of the earth, these people – the three owners were all arrested at some point, and one can only hope that the justice system will finally work at some point. This one’s narrated by Jessica Chastain. Both are worth seeking out.

After that, I coughed, listened to music, and relaxed.

Today will be more relaxing, finishing casting the Kritzerland show and the Levi reading, and then I may sup with the Darling Daughter again. But mostly I just need to shake this damnable cough.

Tomorrow is, of course, the fourth of July, a bad day for dogs. I have no plans whatsoever. I’ll probably make some food here and just stick around the house. Then it’s back to meetings and meals, organizing the Levi reading, getting scripts Xeroxed, and then we have a pick-up rehearsal – I won’t be there for that, and then we resume performances. I’ll probably see at least one before our Sunday talkback.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, relax, finish casting various and sundried projects, maybe sup with the Darling Daughter, and hopefully shake this damnable cough. Today’s topic of discussion: What school cafeteria lunches do you remember that they no longer make? And which was your favorite? And what food that has gone the way of the dodo bird would you like to come back? For me, the latter would be Roquefort dressing. Cafeteria lunches I remember with some disdain are Spring Garden Special and Shepherd’s Pie. Your turn. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have supped with the Darling Daughter on a Sunday.

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