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July 31, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, how can it be the final day of July? How in tarnation did that happen? This month has flown by, like a gazelle with a man bun. And tomorrow will be August. Of course it is my fervent hope and prayer that August will be a month filled with health, wealth, happiness, creativity, and all things bright and beautiful.

So, what kind of a day was yesterday? Well, it was a yesterday kind of day, that’s what kind of day it was yesterday. I got up at eleven after seven hours of sleep and some mighty peculiar dreams – not bad dreams, just peculiar dreams. Once up, I answered e-mails, did some work on the computer and at the piano, and then I went and did a two-and-a-half mile jog. The one remaining Freshly meal didn’t look so fresh to me so I tossed it. Then I had a nice long conversation with our very own Mr. Nick Redman, who needs our strongest most excellent vibes and xylophones. I don’t want to go into details, but he’s dealing with some mighty serious problems, but he’s keeping positive, which is the most important thing. Once we’re past the Kritzerland show on Sunday, I’ll go have a nice visit.

After that, I had to get ready to go to the theater for our second and final talkback. When I was sent the ticket sales for this weekend, there were well under twenty on the books – but someone is simply not doing their job because when I arrived I was happy to notice close to seventy people there, so that was a very nice crowd. We had more people stay than last week, and there were some very good questions. A couple of people were confused by some of the “key” stuff and plot machinations. Knott is so careful that everything is laid out perfectly and I made sure that every point is laid out so there won’t be confusion, but I guess if you are not paying attention at any point you might miss something important. But the actors explained it all very well. They were a lively group and we all had fun.

I picked up some packages, then headed over to Jerry’s Deli at around five to have my meal o’ the day. I was starving and really wanted a bagel and cream cheese but I have had no actual bread for two weeks now, nor any sweets. So, I had my chicken Caesar salad, which was excellent – I’m kind of addicted to it, and it does fill me up. Before leaving, I got a little container of their macaroni salad, maybe two ounces, just to have a little snack for the evening, since I’d done the jog and the chicken Caesar isn’t too crazy with the calories. After that I came home and sat on my couch like so much fish.

Last night, I watched two more Hitchcock hours. The first was okay – not great, but not bad. It starred Teresa Wright and Dan Duryea. It was well directed, but just wasn’t that interesting or that well written. Then I skipped several episodes directed by Alf Kjellin, because I know I wouldn’t enjoy them, being I find him a typical and not very interesting TV director of that period. Then I watched an episode called The Magic Shop and voila – another great one – they’re few and far between so far – the second season has, so far, three or four great ones out of the twenty-four episodes. The Magic Shop was closer in spirit to a Twilight Zone and in certain ways resembles the classic Twilight Zone episode, It’s a Good Life. The stars were Leslie Nielsen and young John Megna (Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird, the same year as this episode), as well as David Opatashu, Ted de Corsia and other fine character actors. It had an original Lyn Murray score, too. The screenplay (from an H.G. Wells story) was by the amazing writer, John Collier (he wrote many classic short stories, including the brilliant Evening Primrose) – and it was brilliantly directed by one of the show’s finest, Robert Stevens.

After that, I listened to a disc of the Prokofiev first violin concerto along with a Miaskovsky violin concerto. The performances are fantastic, but the sound is, at best, archival mono. Then I listened to the Prokofiev cello concerto paired with the Miaskovsky cello concerto – all these concertos are wonderful and highly recommended by the likes of me.

Today, I’ll be up by eleven at the latest, I’ll eat, I’ll do a jog, I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, and then we have our first Kritzerland rehearsal, albeit shorter than usual as only three of our five cast members are coming. The other two come on Wednesday for their first rehearsal. After that, I have to enter some changes I’ve made since the Levi reading – minor stuff, but helpful I think. Then I’ll watch more Hitchcock hours.

Tomorrow will, of course, be August. I may or may not have a lunch meeting with Kay Cole – it depends on how the morning goes. Then I have a two o’clock two-hour work session with Robert Yacko and Alby Potts, as we start to figure out his show. Wednesday we rehearse our two other cast members, Thursday is everyone’s second Kritzerland rehearsal, Friday’s just busy all the way around, Saturday is our stumble-through, and Sunday is sound check and show.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, eat, do a jog, hopefully pick up packages, have a rehearsal, and relax. Today’s topic of discussion: What are your favorite films of Leslie Nielsen and Teresa Wright? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have had a lively talkback.

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