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September 8, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I have taken the bull by the horns. Yes, you heard it here, dear readers, I have taken the proverbial bull by the proverbial horns and begun the Garage Project. I began it at ten-thirty last night and in thirty minutes I’d pulled down six boxes (well, some of them fell down), which I haven’t gone through yet because it was what was behind the boxes that caught my eye. And what was behind said boxes? Paintings, that’s what was behind said boxes. I knew there were more things than we’d already found and there they were, about twenty items – some interesting stuff, too, as well as some not interesting stuff I’d obviously picked up cheaply two decades ago. Among the little treasures, a paperback book cover painting, another painting that most certainly be a story illustration from something, a concept painting from the movie The Great Race, and the gem – a Garrett Price painting, an unpublished New Yorker cover (he did many New Yorker covers). I got this a long time ago from a very knowledgeable dealer who loves Price and has written about him in many tomes. So, that was a find. And, in fact, this very painting is featured in one of the art books I talked about going through recently, and that’s the icing on the cake. Perhaps I’ll take some photographs today.

Yesterday, I got about eight hours of sleep. Once up, I did the usual morning things – answered e-mails, had telephonic calls, and saw the first cover idea for the classical CD – it’s really good but the place in the image is not period and needs to be so I’m sure he’s now on the hunt for that. But the idea and execution is just right. Then I went and had a patty melt and side Caesar salad, after which I picked up no packages and no mail. Then I came home.

I came up with three different October show ideas, so we’ll see which feels right today and that’s the one I’ll go with. Then I sat on my couch like so much fish.

Yesterday, I watched a favorite film in honor of our forthcoming CD release, Fuller at Fox – Pickup on South Street. Of course I had the DVD and raved about it way back when, when it came out. Well, maybe I didn’t rave about it although I could have sworn I did – but I just searched Ye Olde Archives and found nothing whatsoever for Pickup on South Street. This was a region B Blu and Ray from the U and K. The handful of things I’ve read have raved about the transfer, and one know-it-all know-nothing on the most irritating of all the sites, exclaims it’s a new 4K scan. Funny that, since all the packaging says is “new 1080p transfer” – believe me, if it was a new 4K scan that would be loudly proclaimed somewhere on the packaging. Someone else on another forum aped the 4K thing, which I have no doubt he got from the know-nothing guy. My guess, and perhaps I’m wrong, is that the packaging is correct and that this is not a new scan of anything. If a new scan had been done on this film I don’t think it’s much of a leap to say that Twilight Time would have done it already (the UK Blu came out two years ago). The movie is great – Richard Widmark, Richard Kiley, Jean Peters all do a wonderful job, but the film belongs to Miss Thelma Ritter. She is so brilliant in everything she does, but this film is hers from the start to the moment she exits the film. She deservedly was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar but lost to Donna Reed. With all due respect to Miss Reed, who I loved, this absolutely belonged to Miss Ritter. Her final scene in the film is one for the ages and is what great screen acting is all about. The transfer that everyone raved about is not one I’d rave about. It’s fine, it’s spotless and solid, but there’s something not quite right about it and I’m sure this will come out again at some point and we’ll see what the difference will be.

After that, I had some chips for my evening snack, then did some CD organizing that took about two hours. Then I began the Garage Project. Then I took a shower (lots of dirt and cobwebs out there), and then I listened to music and relaxed.

Today, I shall go through the boxes I took down last night and anything I absolutely don’t need goes directly into the trash can. Of course, I’m hoping I find some interesting things in all the clutter. When I finish with those boxes, I’ll begin on the others. It will probably take a few days to do it all but by the end of it I’m hoping I have less than half the boxes and I’m selling anything that has any worth at all, unless it’s something I desperately need to keep. I’ll have a light snack only, then I’m attending the opening night of a play, after which I’m joining some friends for foodstuffs.

Tomorrow, she of the Evil Eye comes and then I’m sure I’ll spend most of the day doing the Garage Project. And I’m sure that Sunday will be more of the same. Of course I’ll eat, I’ll hopefully pick up packages and an errant envelope, and I’m sure I’ll also relax. Then the following week there is lots to do.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, go through boxes and throw as much as possible in the trash. I’ll have a light snack, attend an opening night, then have a proper supper after the show. Today’s topic of discussion: It’s Friday – what is currently in your CD player and DVD/Blu and Ray player? I’ll start – CD, our next release. Blu-ray, too many to choose from but choose I will. Your turn. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have finally taken the bull by the horns and begun the Garage Project.

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