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November 13, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, day one of the big move is done and I am exhausted from watching everyone work. Of course, I worked, too, but not with the lugging and lifting and boxing. Helper and helpers were here at nine-thirty and they did the big garage stuff first and took that to the new house and all of that went into the garage. It actually went pretty quickly. I went there to open the garage and came right back home as the audio/video man was coming at eleven. One of the helper’s helpers stayed and boxed up the kitchen, remaining CDs, and whatever was lying around. They were all very organized. Then for the second run they did the couches (three), coffee tables, lamps, credenza, curio cabinet, and other odds and ends, more boxes, and the shelves from the den closet. That went over and then the audio/video guy and I went over, too. Grant was there by that time, putting up the remaining blinds, and we decided where most of the stuff was going to live. At first we both did not like the black leather couch and seat, but as the TV came in and we saw the big Follies poster, we realized that that’s where the color would come from and then we were fine. I unboxed more books, brought in the bigger books that I’d put in the car (mostly bound volumes of magazines), and unboxed the kitchen stuff and the stuff that goes where the computer will go. There is really a lot of cupboard space the likes of which I did not have at the old house, so that’s really nice. We wrapped it up around six-thirty, which is when the video/audio guy finally had everything hooked up and working. Weirdly, unplugging the TV caused all the settings I had to revert to factory settings, so I spent some time trying to put it back the way I had it. I think I got it pretty right. I’m about three feet close to the TV than I was in the old house, so I have to get used to that, too.

The couches all looked very good. Grant got the blinds done, with only three windows left to do – those will be here in a week. So, still a lot of unboxing to do, especially the big books which all got boxed up and are in the garage so I’ll have to ferret those out and bring them in the house on Tuesday. I also have to go through the five boxes from the book room – the helper’s helper boxed all the Indiegogo pile, which I should have told her not to do, but I have the feeling it’s all in either one or two boxes, so I’ll find all that and then we’ll get all of the stuff shipped out shortly.

I was starving but didn’t feel like going to sit somewhere by myself, so I went to the nearby Taco Bell and got stuff there and came home and ate it all up – it was actually fun to eat and it certainly hit the spot. Then I decided to go back to the new house with a couple more boxes, and I put everything back in the curio cabinet. That has a really nice home in the new house, much better than where it lived in the old house. Grant’s already deciding what art is going where – it’s going to be VERY different than the old house, and that’s fun to have things in new places. Then I finally came home and had to write these here notes. A long and exhausting day, but there really isn’t all that much to do on Tuesday – basically just the bedroom stuff, and a box or two. But while we have the helpers, we have to consolidate things in the garage because they’ve blocked access to the washer/dryer, which has to be cleared for she of the Evil Eye on Saturday. We’ll be able to unbox stuff and get it on shelves so that will help clear that area.

Today, I will try to sleep until ten, maybe even ten-thirty. Then I have to go to the mail place to pick up whatever’s come in the last few days, then I have to mosey on over to LACC for our band rehearsal, which is followed by a sitzprobe, which is followed by a dress rehearsal. So, another busy day.

Tomorrow is day two of the big move, but the actual moving part will only take an hour or two, and then we have to attend to the garage. I don’t have to be at LACC before five-thirty or six, so plenty of time for putting things away, getting the bedroom laid out the way we like, and stuff like that there. I’m going to do a load of laundry tonight so that the sheets are clean and fresh for my first night in the new house. I have to be there at eight for the Spectrum Man to get the Internet working, so I’ll be bringing the computer and the Time Machine router and the modem and my speakers over at that time. Part of me wants to actually get it over there after writing the notes – we’ll see how I feel. Then we do another dress rehearsal. Wednesday is an invited dress, Thursday is a preview and we open this puppy on Friday night, then play a matinee and evening the following day and then I have an entire week off, which I desperately need – I do have to finish casting Kritzerland, but the songs are easy to choose, so it will all go very quickly.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, pick up mail, have a band rehearsal, have a sitzprobe, and have a dress rehearsal, after which I’ll write the final notes written from this house. Today’s topic of discussion: What’s the biggest and most difficult move you’ve ever done? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have day one of the big move behind me.

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