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November 5, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, we had a really fun stumble-through yesterday, the earliest we’ve ever done one. People were in surprisingly good voice at that hour. Hearing the songs in show order is always illuminating and this order works very well. You never quite know where we’re going next, which is what I like. The cast is really great and as you know, I love stumble-through days. We didn’t have many lyric flubs, so that was good. I had the least amount of notes ever, gave them, we ran a couple of things, and then I had to be on my way to the Levi rehearsal.

But prior to that I was up early, did banking, picked up several days of mail, and then had some bacon and eggs.

We continued vacuuming from where we’d left off in act one. We stopped for every set change and made sure everyone knew the best way to move the units, plus the brakes have been put on them and they had to get used to dealing with that mechanism. I adjusted some blocking, and then did all of act two, doing the same throughout. Act two is tricky – it’s a lot of drama with not nearly as much comedy as act one, so I’m finding those comedic moments because they really help. A few of the numbers are still too sloppy so Kay will attend to those when time permits. We never got to do the run-through as vacuuming took all four hours.

After rehearsal, I came back to the Valley, stopped at Gelson’s and got a little rigatoni and a little enchilada from the hot food bar and came right home. Once home, I relaxed for about thirty minutes, then decided to take down the remaining art and get that ready for the trip to the new house. I also packed up the top half of the curio cabinet and will do the bottom half today at some point, just to get that out of the way. I must say, it looks rather barren here. I ate the food all up, caught up on e-mails and after a while I took a hot shower, listened to music and relaxed a bit more.

Today, I shall hopefully arise after a good night’s beauty sleep, and then I shall relax, keep my trap shut, perhaps do a little packing of things if I’m feeling it, and then I’ll mosey on over to The Federal for sound check and then show. We’ll probably go out for a bite afterwards.

Tomorrow is the piano move between noon and one (hoping closer to noon, actually). I’ll load up the art in the car, then meet the piano movers at the new house – Grant will be there to help me find the perfect place for it, even though we’ve kind of marked it out. The living room in the new house is laid out very differently than this house. Then at three or thereabouts, I’ll mosey on over to LACC after first having a quick bite to eat. Then we will begin this week’s daily regimen: A run-through, notes, and cleaning up stuff as time permits. The rest of the week is more of the same – moving stuff, getting the bookcases installed and bringing over boxes, getting the CD shelves there, more packing of the remaining CDs, and bringing some other stuff over – we’re trying to only have the bigger stuff left for the big day’s move.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, relax, keep my trap shut, maybe pack some stuff, have a sound check and do a show. Today’s topic of discussion: It’s free-for-all day, the day in which you dear readers get to make with the topics and we all get to post about them. So, let’s have loads of lovely topics and loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, as the packing continues.

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