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December 31, 2017:

FAREWELL 2017, HELLO 2018!

Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, as hard as it is to believe, this is the last day of 2017. Yes, you heard it here, dear readers, today is the last day of 2017 and tomorrow will be the first day of 2018. So, first it is my fervent hope and prayer that 2018 will be a year filled with health, wealth, happiness, creativity, and all things bright and beautiful. And second, it is my fervent hope and prayer that January will be a month filled with health, wealth, happiness, creativity, and all things bright and beautiful. And I MEAN it! And so we bid farewell to a year that has, in many ways, been absolutely wonderful, and in other ways has been difficult and strange. So, in the coming year all we need to do is accentuate the positive and eliminate the difficult and strange. To that end, we need us some major miracles pronto so do send those strongest most excellent vibes and xylophones for many miraculous miracles and pronto.

Yesterday, I got seven hours of sleep, she of the Evil Eye arrived, and I did some unboxing, some work at the piano, some work on the computer, and also went to Jerry’s Deli and had bacon and eggs for my main meal o’ the day. Then Doug Haverty came and picked me up and we moseyed on over to Canoga Park to see a musical revue featuring a cast of folks of an age, oldest age being ninety and youngest being sixty-two. It meant well, but had no structure and no real point, so it was a long two-hour (no intermission) slog. I think the program had several ages wrong because a few people younger than me looked twenty years older than me, and the people my age also looked many years older than me. But the program is filled with so many typos it’s hard to know. For example, there was a pretty old looking gent who played the accordion. I mean, to me he looked no younger than eighty, and yet his age was listed as sixty-seven. But then the first line of his bio is “made his show business debut seventy years ago” – no mean feat. So my suspicion is they got the first number wrong and it’s either seventy-seven or, more likely, eighty-seven. The show did feature Lloyd Gordon, who gained infamy as a Dancing Dildo and choreographer of The First Nudie Musical.

After that, I came home, then went to Gelson’s to get some snacks for the evening – a bit of teriyaki chicken and a couple of chicken tenders. I came home, made some white rice and had the teriyaki chicken, which was okay, and then the chicken tenders a bit later. I answered e-mails, worked on the liner notes for the first Kritzerland release of 2018 and then I sat on my couch like so much fish.

Last night, I watched a quirky independent movie on the Flix of Net with the horrible title of I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore – could there be a worse title? I mean, so many movies these days have stupid titles – it makes you wonder how they can come up with them. On Netflix (it’s called a Netflix Original, but of course Netflix had nothing to do with its making – they bought it after it won some prize at Sundance) it’s called a crime drama. So I was surprised that it in fact was mostly a quirky revenge comedy – think the Coen Brothers mixed in with a little David Lynch. I must admit to laughing a few times, mostly because the leading lady was wonderful – Melanie Lynskey – was wonderfully amusing and droll. She made a big splash many years ago as a young actress in Peter Jackson’s film, Heavenly Creatures. Elijah Wood is in this, too, and the rest of the cast was unknown to me. But the writer/director can’t quite sustain his tone to the end, and he also has completely unnecessary drug use and a lot of beer drinking that made me not like the lead character for a while. Then it’s amiable and amusing for quite some time, and then it devolves into some fatal tone shifts, most especially some really disgusting violence, and then it just limps to its conclusion. But the droll stuff is very droll, but I cannot recommend it due to the extreme violence. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before if you’ve seen Mr. Lynch’s films or Mr. Tarantino’s films, but I cannot stand that stuff, as you know.

After that, I rustled up some tuna pasta salad – that will be my only food for today and tomorrow – eating half each day is extremely calorie-friendly. Then I finished the liner notes, listened to music, and relaxed.

Today, I shall hopefully arise after a good night’s beauty sleep, I’ll probably mosey on over to the mail place to see if anything came yesterday (expecting an important envelope), then I’m just relaxing and watching motion pictures until our Annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Bash begins right here at haineshisway.com, the best and safest place to be for merriment and mirth and laughter and legs. Be there or be round. We’ll ring in the New Year for both coasts, as we always do.

Tomorrow morning I begin writing my new book. I’m excited to dive into it and, as always, I’ve written the first couple of pages so that I’m already into the book as I begin – I’m sure I’ll futz and finesse those pages, then we’ll see how many pages I get done. The first day usually sets the tone for how many pages a day I’ll try to do, but I do like to average ten. I’ll eat half the tuna pasta salad, but just stay in and write and do work at the piano and perhaps watch something.

Tuesday is our first Kritzerland rehearsal, then the rest of the week is meetings and meals (and hopefully miracles), announcing the first Kritzerland release of 2018, our second Kritzerland rehearsal, our stumble-through, our sound check and then show. It’s pretty close to sold out even now.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, go to the mail place, eat, do some work on the computer, watch something, and then attend our annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Bash where we’ll bid a fond farewell to 2017 and give a rousing and hopeful and positive hello to 2018.

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