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December 2, 2017:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, we had us a pretty damn great show last night. There were a couple of technical issues that no one really noticed, but overall the actors were all in synch and on point and the audience (well over 120 people) was fantastic. Lots o’ laughs, lots o’ tears. This was the first of the three shows we taped – and it was a really good one to get, especially for our leading lady, who really got all her stuff just right – I do think it’s basically just three wide shots for that one, and for today’s two they’ll be coverage and new angles. Also, John Adams was there to record the audio so we have something we can mix – if I were to absolutely love what I hear, I might consider releasing it as a VERY limited edition. We shall see or, in this case, we shall hear.

In attendance was authors Larry Cohen and Janelle Webb Cohen, Adryan Russ and her ever-lovin’ Dale, Shelly Markham, Rick Powell, our very own KevinH, and a few other folks I knew. We had several people seeing the show for their third and fourth time – the repeat business is really interesting. And there is not a person who doesn’t walk out of the theater humming the show’s anthem, Opportunity. I only stayed around about ten minutes and then had to put gas in the motor car and get home.

Prior to that we had our second Kritzerland rehearsal – it was mostly fun, although I have had to get really terse on occasion with our pianist – as you know, he’s knew to us and these shows can be a nightmare for anyone who doesn’t know what our vibe is, how I work, and what I expect. So, I just had to get what I wanted and I took the shortest route to get it. I think we’ll be fine now. He’s a very nice guy and he plays well. Kerry O’Malley was with us and ran her three songs, White Christmas, Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me/How Deep is the Ocean, and What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve. And we had Marc Ginsburg with us – he’s doing two of his Levi songs and a song he chose that I don’t know at all – I think it’s called I Am Not Like My Parents – it’s cute.

Prior to that I was up at eleven after a somewhat sleepless night. I had not much time to do anything before the rehearsal – just shave and shower and dress. After rehearsal I went directly to the mail place where I picked up two screeners and nothing else – unfortunately, my pension check, which should have been here on Thursday still hasn’t arrived, nor did an overnight envelope. The USPS is at a new all-time low. I sent someone something from North Hollywood to Encino on Tuesday and they STILL haven’t gotten it. I could have walked it over there. The pension check better damn well arrive soon or things won’t be pretty around these here parts. Then I had a meal at the House of Pies – eggs benedict and a piece of pumpkin pie (the lowest calorie pie of them all) – it was very good and not too filling. Then I moseyed on over to LACC to converse with John Adams and the video folks.

Today, I’ll be up by ten and I may do a bank visit if I feel I’ll have enough time to do it and get back and get ready for my long day and evening. Then at 12:15 we’ll do our stumble-through. I’ll let our Levi cast members go after they finish their final number. My hope is to leave here no later than 1:30 so I can be to LACC by two. Then we play our matinee. I haven’t determined whether I’ll eat between shows or after the show, but the meal will be with the Staitmans either way. And then we play our final performance and I’m sure that for many of us it will be very emotional. The Shermans will be there, as will the son of Robert Sherman. Larry won’t be there, as they’re premiering the documentary about him, King Cohen. What I do after the show will depend on whether the meal is during our break.

Tomorrow, I’ll sleep in, relax, rest my voice, and then I shall be on my way to our sound check, then we do our show. I’m sure some of us will go out afterwards. Then next week I catch up on stuff, go to the DMV, and have a birthday.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, have a stumble-through, hopefully pick up important mail, see our matinee, maybe eat between shows, see our final performance, and then perhaps go out after. Today’s topic of discussion: What have been your favorite theater experiences of 2017? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have had a wonderful performance of Levi.

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