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June 13, 2018:

Converted reviewed by Rob Stevens

William Lawrence’s Converted The Exorcism of Matthew Hall at the Hollywood Fringe Festival is a fast-paced 30-minute sketch about two young gay men at a gay conversion camp and their two main tormentors. It comes across as a first draft of a longer, more detailed play or as a pilot script for a Logo or Here Network dark comedy. The actors are game, especially Chris Crema as Brother Mike, the man in charge of his charges. He’s a formerly gay man whose own conversion doesn’t seem to be a complete success. The same could be said Sister Constance’s (Henita Telo) lesbian proclivities. Joshua Rivas is committed as Matt, the gay rebel in him just can’t be beat down, no matter how much Brother Mike tries. Zeke (Danny Cron), his fairly willing partner in sin, is a little less sure of himself and gives in easily to pressure. Back stories are needed on all of these characters, especially Brother Mike, before this show can be truly successful. It’s a nice start on a cautionary tale of the perils of Gay Conversion Therapy, but writer/director Lawrence needs to give it more meat.


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