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June 18, 2018:

Glitch reviewed by Rob Stevens

From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Parkland, the body count keeps mounting up. Schools seem to provide a more dangerous environment than a battlefield. What possesses these gunmen with their ever increasing arsenal of weapons of mass destruction to seek out innocent children as their victims? That is what up and coming journalist Rachel (Gemma Pilar Alfaro) hopes to discover when she is granted the first interview with mass murderer Jonathan (Jordan Klomp) six years after he killed 20 people, including 13 students at their school.

Jordan Klomp

Travis Snyder-Eaton’s two-hander, Glitch presented by Rough Riders Theatre at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, is basically a monologue by a messianic killer with a question or comment added here and there by an inquisitive journalist. Jonathan always had a fascination with guns; it just seems he needed a day when he hit a glitch to act upon his urges. A first thing in the morning fight with his mother triggered his glitch. Once she was dead, he packed his guns and headed to the school to create his self-proclaimed “masterpiece”. Although the playwright really doesn’t have much new to add to the discussion, Klomp is deeply invested in his character. Alfaro’s role is more low-key until the end when she inexplicably seems more upset about Jonathan’s revelation that he microwaves his pop tarts than anything else he may have said.


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