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June 20, 2018:

Hungry Bitch reviewed by Rob Stevens

I seldom attend one-person shows where the performer is just asking the audience to indulge them in some cheap psychotherapy. I prefer one-person shows like the few I’ve seen during this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival where the performer actually acts to create a character such as Marilyn Monroe, Victoria Woodhull, Judy Garland etc. But I took a chance and attended Michael Mullen’s Hungry Bitch, which seemed to be more of a comedy romp than a depression-inducing wallow in the dark side of our lives.

Michael Mullen

Mullen is an actor, writer and extremely talented and prolific costume designer (see his creations on stage currently in Celebration Theatre’s production of Cabaret). Mullen lives in Hollywood and during his lively 70-minute monologue tells of the various adventures that have befallen him between the Starbucks on Hollywood and Vine and Rock ‘n’ Roll Ralphs on Sunset west of La Brea. His encounters with various homeless people, with his drop dead gorgeous neighbor and crush and with judgmental friends and credit card guardians provide the laughs. His slide show of Twinkies, French fries, hamburgers, sushi, donuts, cookies, cheesecake and especially mac ‘n’ cheese (cue the heavenly music and solo spot) will give you the cravings. He likes food. Mmmkay! And you can’t help liking him for being honest and having a great sense of humor about it. Lovers may come and go but food will always be there for you. He even provides snacks–cookies and candy–as you enter the theatre. Eat up and laugh.


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