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July 10, 2018:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I just love coming to the computer and having Mail freeze as soon as I begin doing the iTunes update, which seems to happen once a week and what exactly are they updating and as soon as that one’s done then another one pops up, an OS update that requires a restart and since those have been taking thirty to fifty minutes to do I’m not doing it, especially when you see what it’s for – things I never use or need to use.  But then I have to look at that stupid “1” in the App store until I do it. And of course I wrote two e-mail responses that never got sent due to the freeze so I had to write those all over again, quit out of Mail and restart, after which it took ten minutes to begin working properly.  And if you think that’s drama, it’s nothing compared to the rest of the day. 

I got up at ten-thirty after only six hours of sleep.  And immediately we began Drama 101.  I can’t really go into detail yet, but boy will I once this is over, but it had to do with the Sherman event and one of its what I would have to call minor participants, who has been horrible since day one and today some stuff was said about me by this person that was unforgivable.  I vented and got it out of my system and agreed to give it one more chance – if anything negative from this person floats this way again prior to the event this person will be out and that will be that. 

So that took up way too much of my day. I finally had to get out of here, so I went to a new jernt I found called My Fish Place – what could be better than THAT? What is it, fish?  It’s a Cajun place and I’d read about it on Yelp. It’s only about ten minutes from here. I got there about one and was the only one there.  It was pretty hot inside due to no air conditioning but they had a fan going and it was a little less stultifying than it was outside.  I ordered two fried catfish filet, which came with two sides – I had the lobster mac-and-cheese and cole slaw.  The food arrived after a while and the catfish was fantastic – fresh as can be, perfectly done batter (no salt or pepper on the tables – had there been I would have added just a tiny bit to the filets and the mac-and-cheese), and tartar sauce that was very good.  The lobster mac-and-cheese had just about zero lobster but it was really good. So, that was nice.

I then picked up some mail and packages, then attempted to come home.  I decided to just get on the freeway rather than deal with all the signals on the surface streets – that was a bad mistake.  My off-ramp was closed (tree-trimming – these stupid morons – don’t do it near rush hour) so the freeway was packed and everyone got off at the next off-ramp so that was jammed up as were the streets. Ridiculous.  I finally got home and cooled down the house, which was at eighty-one. 

Then there was a further conversation about the drama, then I just put all that crap away. I figured out a new put-together, and we lucked out that David Siegel, the wonderful orchestrator of the Sherman Brothers Album had all the charts backed up so he put all those in a Dropbox folder and that makes things much easier.  What isn’t easy is that our MD is moving this week and is crazed.  We’ll survive it all.  I did a lot of organizing and set a bunch of rehearsals, so that part is good.  I haven’t really talked about who’s actually doing the show, but there are some really incredible people, I must say, plus a lot of Richard’s favorite Kritzerland singers. I’ll reveal the cast perhaps later this week.  I also assigned a singer for a song that was singerless, and I have one more guy and perhaps gal to add to a little medley – very short stuff but fun.  I have an idea about it and I’ll decide this morning.  And that will be that, although we do have the potential of one more singer being added, but we won’t know until Thursday – but I have the slot open and ready for an up-tempo number, so I’m hoping it will happen. Then let me tell you I was ready to sit on my couch like so much fish.

Last night, I watched two things on the Flix of Net – first a documentary about comedians and jokes about inappropriate things like Hitler and other terrible things. It was interesting, went on too long, but I had a nice nap during it.  Then I needed something stupid to zone out with and there was a movie called Deceived, a thriller starring Goldie Hawn and John Heard from the mid-1990s. It was a typical 90s film, that looked and sounded the same as every other 90s thriller – badly directed, fake scares (my favorite was in Goldie’s house when a cat suddenly appears out of nowhere scaring poor Goldie and her child – the only problem is this family cat has never been introduced or seen prior to that scare and by that time the movie’s been going on for eighty minutes – bad writing 101), and surprises that one can figure out if one reads the title of the film.  And how many films have there been that have used the hoary old saw that someone’s spouse is – wait for it – not who they’ve appeared to be? Anyway, it, too, went on way too long and then ending was especially lame.  

After that, I relaxed and listened to a great Hubert Laws album with arrangements by Don Sebesky.  I mean seriously great. 

Today, I have more rehearsals to set, organizing to do, and I have to find some music out in the garage, I’ll hopefully pick up packages, I’ll eat, and then we have two people coming to rehearse, and then the MD and I have to do two or three arrangements, which shouldn’t take too long and then we might go grab a bite to eat somewhere fun  I’m sure we both could use it.

Tomorrow we have four rehearsals slated, I think, so that will be fun, then the rest of the week is meetings and meals, and I have to finish casting Kritzerland, which I had no time to deal with yesterday, and get everyone that music. And I have to start preparing a lighting guide for our show.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, set more rehearsals, organize, find music, hopefully pick up packages, rehearse, eat, and relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: What are your favorite movies starring Miss Goldie Hawn? Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, hoping all this Drama 101 is behind us.

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