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September 4, 2018:


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Well, dear readers, I don’t know about you, but I have just about had it with auto correct on websites and even in Word documents such as this.  There I am, merrily typing away and I look up and some other word is in the search bar or the document because I didn’t click on the little “x” thing with the suggestion.  Note to auto correct people: I don’t need you’re stinking suggestions, I know what I want to write.  Just a moment ago I was searching the Japanese film composer Masaru Satoh on Amazon. I typed in the name and the next thing I know is it searched Meseru Stash.  Now, I don’t have anything against Meseru Stash, I’m sure he’s a fine Japanese film composer or ornithologist or whatever the HELL he is, but I was searching Masaru Satoh.  Then I was searching Ralph Vaughn Williams and instead it searched Ralph Laugh Williams, a comedian from Croton-on-Hudson.  It’s an epidemic on Facebook where every other word I write is auto corrected into oblivion.  I end up posting incoherent things that no one understands.  Enough with the auto correct I say.  Get rid of it.  Banish it to the four winds or the five breezes.  Hang it out to dry.  End of auto correct rang.  Um, rant.

Yesterday was a restful little day that was restful.  I slept seven hours due to being up from five-thirty (after two hours of sleep) to seven-thirty for no reason whatsoever, then I slept until twelve-thirty. Once up, I did have a few e-mails to answer, but mostly I listened to music whilst thinking about the October Kritzerland.  I already have two people for it, so am thinking about the other three and who might guest star.  I must have done other things, but I can’t really remember what they might have been. At some point I went to the garage and pulled some movie composer CDs to listen to, including a series of Masaru Satoh sets that are incredible.  As you may remember, I’d just listened to his various scores for Kurosawa movies, and while one of the discs in this fifteen volume set (I thought I had the entire set, but I only found four volumes), one of which was a Kurosawa set but I put it into iTunes anyway because the scores were in one-track suites so I got rid of the single CD releases as those were filled with alternates and five-second cues – these suites have all the pertinent material and sound great.  But the winner volume was music from the films of Hideo Gosha, the director of Goyokin, a film I really like.  Those scores (it’s a two-CD set) are brilliant and very much like American film music. Of course, auto correct makes it Video Gosha.  I also listened to some Rozsa, which rhymes with Gosha, some Mancini, and some Rota. At around three-thirty I went and got In ‘n’ Out Burger for my meal o’ the day.  I came home and ate it all up whilst playing on the computer, had some pudding, and had a telephonic conversation.

Now, today, this very day, we begin our third week of the Indiegogo campaign.  I have not mentioned this in several days, but now it’s time to get this puppy to the finish line in a big way.  We did go up from the week before, to 79%, so that was good.  There are still great perks available and I’m putting up a new one this morning – an incredible I don’t know what to call it really – kind of a spiral-bound (but in a 1950s way) huge book of sheet music from Frank Music Publishing, the Frank Loesser publishing company.  The cover says “Frank Music Affiliates Guide Volume Two.” In this huge thing is sheet music, lots by Frank Loesser from his shows, all with the original artwork – The Music Man, Where’s Charley, Greenwillow, Guys and Dolls – but also stuff Frank Music distributed or published, so original sheet music for Damn Yankees (movie and show art), The Pajama Game, and amusingly three songs from our trivia question musical of two weeks ago – The Girls Against the Boys – I’ve never seen anything from that show before.  There are a few artist copies for things that weren’t published, like a song from Whoop-Up, rare stuff from Ben Bagley’s The Littlest Revue, some movie songs, an amazing copy of The Twelfth of Never with a great photo of Johnny Mathis looking like a teenager, a song with lyrics by Marilyn Keith and Alan Bergman – the former of course married the latter and became Marilyn Bergman – just all kinds of goodies.  There all in little numbered sections – have no idea what any of that is supposed to mean. There are a few repeats in the sections, so two copies of the same song in different sections.  It’s a treasure trove and I lost patience trying to count then number of separate sheet music songs there are – I certainly counted ninety, which means there are probably one hundred sheets.  I tried to come up with a fair price, considering what these would go for separately, especially the few real rarities.  Well, I can tell you the one song that’s in the book that I found online, from The Girls Against the Boys is going for seventy bucks – for one piece of sheet music.  So, I should think what we’re looking for is quite a bargain if you’re into this sort of thing.  Here is the direct link to the campaign.


Today, I shall do stuff for the October Kritzerland – I have some fun ideas for the show already. I’ll eat, hopefully pick up some packages, then a few people are coming by to read through some material, and then I’ll relax.

The rest of the week is meetings and meals and meals and meetings, setting keys for A Carol Christmas, and perhaps seeing a show on Friday night.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, work on the Kritzerland show, eat, hopefully pick up packages and an important envelope, then people come and read through some material whilst I sit on my couch like so much fish and listen.  Today’s topic of discussion: Give us your worst auto correct moments – you know you’ve had them so let’s hear ‘em.  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, where I shall not auto correct my dreams.

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