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March 28, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, it was a fairly boring Wednesday as boring Wednesdays occasionally are.  I don’t know why, really?  I was ready to dance the cha cha cha, I was ready to sing Dinner for One Please, James at Jerry’s Deli whilst eating breakfast, I was ready to fight tooth and nail only I didn’t have the nail, but boy was my tooth ready, I was ready, willing, and able, not necessarily in that order, and I was ready to tackle the collected works of Ibsen, Shaw, and Murray Schisgal.  And yet, it was a boring Wednesday, but not as boring as these here notes.

I was up very early and to the smog check place at eight.  Naturally, there was some buffoon ahead of me, but they got to me fairly quickly and told me it would take between ninety minutes and two hours to do the lube and oil and smog check.  I then walked the half-mile to Jerry’s Deli, where I had some matzoh brei and a bagel – pretty light and very tasty.  I stayed there for almost ninety minutes, found that the books had not shipped, and then walked the half-mile back to pick up the motor car.  The man gave me a list of things that needed to be fixed, which surprised me since I hadn’t really asked.  But, there’s apparently a little oil leak, although I’ve seen no evidence of it, the front two tires need to be replaced (this I knew), the rear brakes need new break pads (I’m sure that’s accurate, since, knock wood, I have never had to do anything to the breaks in this car, new wipers are needed (true) and a couple of other small things.  So, I may take it in at some point after the Kritzerland show, as I’ll have to pretty much leave it for the day.

I then drove home, answered e-mails, had telephonic conversations, and got the new releases live on the site.  I printed out the orders pretty much as they were coming in. Part of the problem with not announcing at midnight is that the people on Facebook who check in the morning before they leave, always are quick to order, but the Facebook algorithms sometimes mean that they don’t see it later in the day.  I’ll probably repost to the cast album and musicals groups in a day or two, just in case.

After that, I went to the mail place and picked up a couple of packages, and two huge TV residuals totaling nine dollars.  McDonald’s here I come.  Then I stopped at a framing place to get a small little something I acquired framed, a window card for a Broadway show – I took the cheapest and fastest option – simple and think black metal frame and plexiglass.  That will be ready on Monday.  I’m always amused at places like this called Quick Frame or Fast Frame – they are hardly ever quick or fast – to me, quick and fast means while you wait or come back in an hour.  Then I came home, did some more work on the computer, printed out more orders, found out there were more order screw-ups from the past few weeks, but am happy to report that the new helper is all over that stuff and dealing with it swiftly.  As she says, stay positive and once this little patch is over this won’t be an issue anymore.  Then I sat on my couch like so much fish.

Last night, I watched a featurette on the Detour disc, a documentary of sorts (but not really) about Edgar G. Ulmer, over an hour in length.  It has interesting things in it, some audio interview stuff with Ulmer, interviews with actors and filmmakers (this was done in 2004), but I’m afraid it’s one of those cutesy, artsy, “hey look at me, I’m the DIRECTOR” kinds of things. Listen, chums, all we want to see are the people talking and we don’t need it to be show-offy and all about you. Many of the interviews take place in a car on a soundstage in front of a rear projection screen with a moving background.  I mean, really?  The whole thing is filled with that kind of crap and frankly everyone looks vaguely embarrassed to have to do it, none more so than William Schallert.  There were some interesting clips that make me want to see some other Ulmer films (I have several on DVD that I sheepishly admit to never having watched).

Then I made about four or five ounces of penne pasta with some red sauce and sautéed onions for my evening snack – it was actually very good.  Then I watched two more episodes of Aquarius.  I can’t say it’s gotten any better.  There’s a surprising amount of nudity in it and I hear there’s even more on the DVD release.  There are so many side trips that have nothing to do with Manson, that it becomes a little irritating.  The writing is not so hot, and all the made up stuff is just irritating, as is “let’s drain all the color so it looks old” – which makes no artistic sense on any level, since it’s not a flashback.  I really don’t know how much more I need to see, especially knowing that we don’t even get to the real point until season two.

After that, I relaxed, and I’m happy to say that the May Kritzerland is basically cast, so that’s good.  I listened to some music and the boring Wednesday ended.  In the end, I prefer boring to heavy-laden drama.

Today, I can sleep in, then I’ll hopefully print out a LOT more orders, I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, then we have a one-hour work session for the Kritzerland show, and then I’ll figure out what I want to eat.  After that, I’ll watch some stuff, listen to music, and relax.

Tomorrow, I’m attending an opening night, Saturday morning I’m doing a workshop at the Group Rep, and Sunday I think can be a ME day, other than doing a phone interview about The Creature Wasn’t Nice aka Spaceship aka Naked Space.  Then Monday we have our first Kritzerland rehearsal and thus begins a very busy week.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, sleep in, hopefully print out a LOT of orders, hopefully pick up packages, hopefully get good news about books being shipped, have a work session, eat, and relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: What were you up to in the Summer of Love or basically the late 1960s?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, not minding the rather boring Wednesday that was.

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