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April 25, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, this week has been a little too lax for me, frankly.  I don’t mean the Los Angeles airport; I mean lax as in lax.  Mind you, it’s nice to have an easy week in terms of not having to constantly be on the go and doing meeting after meeting and tons of work, but after about two days of that I’m done with lax.  Happily, today I have a work session.  And I already know that the second half of the year is going to get pretty busy.  But I think from here on in when things might be lax, I will do work on what will be my twentieth book.

Yesterday was kind of a lax day.  I only got six hours of sleep due to a noisy morning and having to take a telephonic call on the telephone.  Then I answered e-mails and did a spot of work on the computer.  At around twelve-thirty, I picked up some packages and no mail, then decided on McDonald’s, as I wasn’t interested in sitting in a restaurant for an hour.  And it’s really easy to count calories at McDonald’s.  So, I got my three items and was clever in what I ordered, so it was only eight bucks and exactly 1100 calories.

I came home and ate it all up and it hit the spot.  Then I began listening to lots of music, most interestingly the music of Arvo Part, a composer of whom I knew not.  He’s kind of a New Age classical composer – that’s the description that came to mind.  He invented his own music system, which he calls tintinnabulation.  Some of the music was quite interesting, and his third symphony was very appealing, I thought.  I heard all four of his symphonies.  The first two were serial twelve-tone “modern” works and a whole lot of noise. But the third, as I said, is tonal and very appealing, and so is the fourth.  Interestingly, Part is eighty-three and for many years has been the most performed living composer.  Who knew?

Then I sat on my couch like so much fish, but before even turning on the TV I dozed off for about thirty minutes.  Once up again, I went to Gelson’s and got some cantaloupe bits along with some honeydew bits.  I came home and ate all the bits, melon-wise.  And then I listened to more music.  I took a hot shower and realized that the entire day had been lax.  There is no other word for it – just lax.  I don’t need any more lax days.  We would like future days to be ex-lax.  Then it was time to write these here lax notes.

Today, I’ll arise when I arise, I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, and then I’ll figure out what to eat that adds up to 1000 calories. That will be four days in a row for me, so that’s good.  Then we have a work session for the May Kritzerland show.  Not sure how long that will take, since it’s a new pianist who obviously isn’t used to working with me.  He did attend about a third of our April stumble-through and so at least got the vibe of our show.  Plus, Richard Allen will be with us to supervise.  I’m hoping everything will go very smoothly.  It’s not that difficult a show, although a couple of the charts aren’t the best. Then I’ll relax and watch something or other.

Tomorrow, I have a lunch meeting, and then it’s a joint birthday dinner with the Geissmans, restaurant to be chosen and researched, calorie-wise.  The weekend is unknown to me, other than having to write two more little commentary bits, and getting ahead on the June show.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, arise, hopefully pick up packages, eat, have a work session, then relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: When you were a child, what products gave you the willies or scared you?  One of mine was Philip’s Milk of Magnesia – that scared the living daylights out of me and so did Witch Hazel.  Your turn. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we whilst I hit the road to dreamland, just about done with these lax days.

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