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June 14, 2019:

I’m Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence reviewed by Rob Stevens

If I was Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence, I would sue Cole Quirk for writing, directing and producing I’m Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence on display at the McCadden Theatre during the Hollywood Fringe Festival. But as a celebrity, I’m sure a lawsuit is not available for her use. No worries—this show should disappear as quickly as it arrived. At barely 30 minutes, this was most likely a TV sitcom pilot gone horribly wrong, probably for cable because of the language. But laughs, even canned laughs, are in short supply in Quirk’s script. Supposedly Ms. Lawrence has a list of at least 10 things she is frightened of with spiders topping the list. Somehow Lawrence and Australian actress Rose Byrne (who also has a case of arachnophobia) end up sharing a cottage that contains spiders, even after having been swept three times by two different people. Their ensuing antics are supposed to generate guffaws but moans, groans and yawns are more likely the result of enduring this show. To protect any future reputations they may garner, I won’t name any of the actors involved, especially the two listed as Security Guards who have to endure this show without much recourse.


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