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June 29, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, now we’re back in confusion-land.  Why is that, you might ask, and I might tell you. We’re back in confusion-land because she of the Evil Eye came yesterday rather than today and therefore yesterday seemed like today and therefore I’m not at all sure what today is supposed to feel like since yesterday already felt like today hence confusion and this rather amusing run-on sentence that has taken on a life of its own and is motoring on a road to nowheresville with nary a stop in between because when run-on sentences take on a life of their own the only thing that can possibly stop it is to throw in a period which I believe I should do right about now. Whew, that was scary.  I mean, who wants to be on a one-way road to nowheresville – Palookaville is another matter entirely.

Yesterday seemed like today, let’s face it.  After all, it has faced us so we may as well face it. Damn them, damn them all to HELL and you know what – we have been derelict in our duties, oh, yes, we have been derelict in our duties and I’d tell you why but I just had a telephonic conversation with Doug Haverty and I haven’t a clew as to what I was going to say. Perhaps it will come back to me, like the song of the same name.  Where was I? Oh, yes, yesterday, which I have to keep telling myself was Friday.  I got about six-and-a-half hours of sleep, then she of the Evil Eye arrived and I moseyed on over to Jerry’s Deli and had some bacon, eggs, fruit, and toast, not necessarily in that order.  Oh, I remember why we’ve been derelict in our duties – we have not had a single Randy Vicar story for YEARS.  So, perhaps I’ll tell the tale of the Randy Vicar and the Lug Nut.  Perhaps not.

After eating, I made a decision to go to my local Just Tires store for tires.  I’ve been putting this off for ages and frankly I am lucky that the front tires haven’t blown.  I’ve been having to put air in them ever week.  So, I went to Just Tires, where they sell tires and got the two front tires replaced with tires with actual tread.  They said it would be two hours, so I walked home (very hot out).  She of the Evil Eye was still here, so I did stuff in the garage, got a few more boxes shelved, and now have all the oversized art books shelved and where I can get to them, which is great.  But I had to stop, because the boxes are just way too heavy for me, a single, elderly Jewish person, to keep lugging hither and thither and yon.

Then Just Tires called and said my car would be ready in twenty minutes (and they told me my alignment was hugely off so I told them to do that), and I walked back – so that was quite a bit of walking and lugging and shelving.  I took possession of the motor car and drove directly to the mail place, and I must say the car drove so much better with proper alignment and tires. I picked up two packages and them came directly home directly.  I listened to some music, did some work on the computer, sat on my couch and thumbed through a book on Hitchcock from Taschen – not very good, but beautifully produced.

In the evening hours, I mostly sat on my couch like so much fish, whilst music issued forth and I nodded off now and then as well as then and now.

Today, I can sleep until eleven, then I’ll shave and shower, and then it’s luncheon at one with Peyton Kirkner and her mom.  Then I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, then I’ll relax until it’s time for dinner, a working dinner.  I think I’ll eat my main meal at lunch, then have something very light for the dinner meal.  I’ll also put up the event page for the August Kritzerland show, which I’m hopeful will sell out very quickly.

Tomorrow, I judge the finals of the singing contest and that will occupy most of the day and will most likely be followed by a meal.  Then next week is busy – finally finishing the garage, finishing choosing songs, meetings and meals, and doing whatever else needs doing.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, sleep until eleven, lunch, hopefully pick up packages, have a working dinner, and then relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: I mentioned that I’m not much of a fan of the Betty Grable Fox musicals.  But what are your favorites of her films?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy that the Randy Vicar has made a much-needed return to this here site.

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