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July 18, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I kept thinking that it was high time I had to start writing these here notes, and yet I kept getting sidetracked by other things, like eating a donut that Sami and her mom brought when they – SPOILER ALERT – came to visit.  I then got sidetracked watching some stuff on the Tube of You.  I also got sidetracked by an attack of the phlegm.  Can one of you terribly bright people explain to me exactly what the purpose and point is of that “g” in phlegm?  If we’re not pronouncing it, why did some idiot word person stick it in there like an unwanted wart?  If I were the word person who’d thought up that word, I would have spelled it “flem.”  But nooooo – the word person had to get all hoity and toity about it and be a smart ASS. I will say, however, that it is a word that perfectly describes the guck known as phlegm.  Phlegm just sounds like phlegm, doesn’t it?  What the HELL am I talking about?

Yesterday was a day in which I did very little, so this section of these here notes should go very quickly, although they might have a little phlegm.  Although I was up a couple of times briefly, I did ultimately sleep ten-and-a-half hours, arising at one-thirty.  See what I mean about this part of these here notes going quickly?  I answered e-mails, drove to the mail place and picked up a small residual check, went to the bank and put it in the ATM and took out the cash – the amount of this check would probably buy three meals at McDonald’s. Then I came home.

Sami and her mom came by and we had a fun chat and Sami sang through one of her songs for the August show, which just happens to have been written by the likes of me, way back in 1971, from my first original musical, Start at the Top (we did a ballad from the show in the June show and the reaction to that was so nice I thought we should do another song from it and I just happened to find this one).  Then they left and I got ready for my dinner meeting, which was to take place at – SPOILER ALERT – Barone’s.

I moseyed on over to Barone’s and we were seated in my favorite booth.  We both were in the mood for pizza, so we ordered a large pepperoni and we each had a dinner salad.  Whilst we ate, we also met and whilst we met, we also ate, and vice versa.  It was a fun meeting and the pizza was great.  I had four pieces, the person I was meeting with had three, but remember, these slices are smaller than a normal slice of pizza.  We each took home the leftovers – two-and-a-half slices each.

Once back home, I listened to the master for Dementia and today I’ll listen again, but I’m very happy with it, I think.  I may ask for one tiny edit in the first track, but I want to hear it again.  I did add a small note about the tape this came from in the booklet, just to clarify a few things.  The Ernest Gold piano concerto, considering it was a radio broadcast that’s over sixty years old, sounds surprisingly good.

I still had e-mails to answer so – SPOILER ALERT – I answered them. I listened to more music, and then meant to start these here notes, but got sidetracked.

Today, I’ll be up by ten and then I’m going to see The Creature Wasn’t Nice with editor Marshall Harvey.  I can’t wait to see what ideas he came up with – I know there are some trims, music has been added to certain scenes, and also sound effects, all of which will, I suspect, help move things along and be closer to what I would have done had I been allowed to keep working on it.  I only wish I’d had Marshall as editor to begin with.  After that, I’ll eat, pick up the audio files for the audiobook, hopefully pick up some packages, and then come home and relax.

Not sure what’s happening tomorrow, but Saturday I have a short work session and Sunday is unknown to me, although I think I’m supposed to see something this weekend and I can’t remember what it is.  Perhaps someone will remind me at some point.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, see The Creature Wasn’t Nice, eat, pick up audio files, hopefully pick up packages, and relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: What are your favorite things to watch on YouTube? What are the best discoveries you’ve made there?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have provided plenty of SPOILER ALERTS throughout these here notes.

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