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July 9, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I have to admit here and now as well as now and here, that I am quite bored of the day that is ending in thirty minutes. Bored, do you hear me?  I was bored within minutes of getting up, frankly.  I believe what is actually going in is that Mercury is in retrograde or some damn thing is in retrograde.  It seems like this retrograde malarkey is going on every week now. I do believe we’ve had quite enough of that to last us a damn lifetime, that’s what I think.

I was up at ten, answered e-mails and made sure everything was ready to go for our announcement.  At noon o’clock we made said announcement for the two new Kritzerland titles, George Antheil’s crazy score to the crazy motion picture known as Dementia, and another in the Ben Bagley series, Jerome Kern Volume II. Here are the covers.

Things hadn’t turned boring quite yet.  We had a quick and good work session for the Kritzerland show. Then I went and picked up a package and then some Taco Bell for lunch.  I came home and ate that whilst listening to music, then Marshall Harvey came over as I hadn’t saved a copy of The Creature Wasn’t Nice to my computer, so I got that onto the desktop and then immediately into Dropbox.  That was the beginning of the boredom because here we are and it’s STILL uploading seven or eight HOURS later and apparently still had fifty more minutes to go.  It took four minutes to upload to my desktop, so I’m not sure what gives here other than it was annoying and boring to have to keep seeing it hadn’t completed.  And if something did go wrong, I’ll need to do the whole thing again and would probably have to get the damn hard drive back. We shall see.  It’s been ten minutes since I last checked, let’s just take a peek, shall we?  It keeps changing the finish time, but it seems to be down to forty-five minutes, although the task bar doesn’t seem to have moved at all.  Hopefully it will be done by the time I wake up, otherwise I’m afraid it’s going to be a rather nasty call or e-mail to Dropbox.  The file is only 29 gigs.  As I said, it took exactly four minutes to finish loading onto my desktop.  Damn them, damn them all the HELL.

And then the damn Mac Mail program decided to have its monthly retarded moment and that continued for most of the evening, requiring force quitting and opening over and over again, especially stupid on a day when I’m trying to forward orders – we’re trying a new system where I forward rather than print, and all the new release orders go into a file.  We had a big hiccup right away, but I think we’ve smoothed out the process.  But all that mail stuff gave me a big ol’ headache, plus I want and need more orders and this is a pattern I’ve noticed on other releases where we announce at noon o’clock rather than midnight.  I’m going back to midnight from here on in.  I like waking up to orders.

Then I listened to music the entire evening, and whilst doing so got caught up in trying to organize the CD contents of the credenza in the den.  The Credenza in the Den – that’s the title of my next novel.  I pulled out all the CDs, made a big pile to take to the garage, pulled some things to put into iTunes, and was endlessly bored by the endless Mac Mail and endless Dropbox BS.  Have I mentioned I was bored?  Have I mentioned how much I hate when labels brickwall their masterings?  I am listening to a soundtrack and it is relentlessly brickwalled AND I’m not sure what the source is, but for a 70s film there is way too much hiss – since it’s a Universal title perhaps the master burned up in the big fire.  This was a wonderful-sounding LP back in the day – now it’s unlistenable.  Way to go.  I shan’t name the label and it’s not the label that normally does this.  And as I listen, I’m beginning to think it’s a vinyl transfer and if it is, how DARE them not mention it.

Today, I’ll hopefully arise after a good night’s sleep, then I’m going to attempt a ME day – we’ll see how that goes.  I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, I’ll eat, then I just don’t want to do anything, other than move some stuff to the garage.  We’ll see how that goes.

The rest of the week is meetings and meals, the arrival of Diana Canova, and the recording of GEE.  In other news, the gal who’s doing the latest Adriana book is not finished and is editing the last of what she’s done.  Once that happens, I’m going to ask someone other than me to proof it – i.e. listen and follow along with the book.  I’ve made corrections to a few of the samples she sent along the way – words missed, mispronounced, or other little inconsistencies.  It has to match the written book perfectly.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, try to have a ME day, hopefully pick up packages, eat, take stuff to the garage, and relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: Do you believe in horoscopes and astral signs and retrograde and all of that stuff?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, bored of all the stupid annoyances and hoping there are none on this day.

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