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August 15, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, this week is flying by, like a gazelle completely astonished that last night we achieved 155%.  The gazelle was mightily impressed, let me tell you THAT.  And I’m sitting here like so much fish, listening to nice music and in quite a nice mood due to quite a nice day in which quite nice things happened.

Yesterday, I was up after only four hours of sleep, then two hours later I went back to bed and slept another two hours, for a total of six. Arising at eleven, I checked on the campaign, which, over the course of the and evening, went up three percent. I answered e-mails, did some rummaging around in the garage to find some music, chose a couple of songs, and had some telephonic conversations.

I then got the news that the Scenie Awards were out, all six or seven hundred of ‘em.  During the hour it took to read them, I had the sinking feeling that we were going to be just about the only show NOT to get anything.  But at the very end Kay Cole got Outstanding Choreography (Intimate Theater), which she shared with several others (multiple people get most of these) and then I got one for Outstanding Original Songs (Intimate Theater).  I was, in fact, the only person in that category, so that was fun.

Then I went and picked up some packages, then went to Jerry’s Deli, where I had a chili, cheese, and onion omelet, an English muffin, and a side Caesar salad.  That was all very good.  Then I came home.

I got a test DVD to see if I thought the quality of blowing up the Creature 4×3 letterbox image to 16×9 would work, but it’s pretty bad.  We’re barely gonna get away with the 4×4 letterbox version – I wish we could improve it somehow, and they’re trying, but I think it’s just what it is and that will be explained carefully in the booklet and on the commentary tracks.  I also found the test image too dark on the sides, something that isn’t that way in what we sent.  But I’m sure this was just a down and dirty test to see what’s what.

Then I did some work on the computer, then Richard Allen arrived and we played through bunches of music – that was about an hour.  He went on his merry way and I had four or five more songs chosen – I think I’m only missing about two songs now and we’ll be complete, which is a big load off, let me tell you THAT.

By then it was already eight-thirty, as I had to scan and send music to folks.  Around nine, I moseyed on over to Gelson’s to get a couple of small snacks from their deli department.  The first thing one sees when one walks in, to the right, is a bunch of small tables and their salad bar.  People get salads, or deli case stuff, or hot food bar stuff, and sit there.  Not anymore.  The whole thing is now closed off – they’re putting in a Wolfgang Puck’s there, just as they’ve had for years in Studio City.  They moved the salad bar – not sure what they’ll do about tables, if anything. I got some hatch chili mac-and-cheese and some spicy Thai salad (very small portions), came home and ate that all up, scanned more music, had more telephonic calls, and listened to lots of music.

Today, I’ll be up by ten-thirty, and then I’m going to where all the Kritzerland and former storage stuff is, mostly to look through some boxes of my music to bring home, but also to see what might be some fun perks to have for the campaign.  One thing that might be fun is to have an OOP Varese Sarabande package – I could only do two or three of those, but I think someone might grab them. Anyway, I haven’t seen the storage stuff in YEARS.  I do know I had a whole file of Creature stuff – whether I kept it is another story.  Then I’ll eat, hopefully pick up some packages, then come home, finish getting everyone their music, and then relax.

Tomorrow, I have a lunch at noon o’clock, then lots o’ stuff to do, especially finishing up liner notes and making a show order.  Then another work session at six, followed by some food.  Saturday and Sunday are unknown to me, but I’ll write the commentary for sure, and get us ready for the next big Indiegogo push as we enter week three.  We went up almost ten percent, maybe more, as we entered week two, and I’m hoping we can match that.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, go to the new place where everything is kept, find things, eat, hopefully pick up some packages, get people their music, and relax. Today’s topic of discussion: What are your favorite dishes involving eggs?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have gotten another Scenie and to be at 155%.

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