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August 24, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I went and did it, oh, yes, I went and did it. I did a three-mile jog early last evening, first jog in over a year.  I rather enjoyed it and I don’t think I looked TOO pathetic.  I’m hoping I can do one or two jogs a week, just to jog the old metabolism, which I can tell you needs jogging.  Prior to that, I’d taken part in a little day I like to call Friday.

I only got about seven hours of sleep, maybe a bit more.  I got up, answered e-mails, had some telephonic conversations, did some work on the computer and at the piano, and then I went to the mail place, where I picked up no mail and no packages – that was very exciting. I did, however, ship a little package to the mastering engineer.  After that, I went to the nearby Popeye’s – a branch where there is NEVER EVER a wait and rarely anyone there.  But thanks to the Internet spreading the word about Popeye’s new chicken sandwich, their answer to Chick-Fil-A’s chicken sandwich, there was a line out the door, featuring a bunch of complete trendy nitwits who I guarantee you have never been inside a Popeye’s in their lives.  But they have to have it, they already know they’ll post that it’s better than the other jernt even if they don’t think so, and frankly one does have one’s doubts that they’ve even tried the other place.  Needless to say, I drove on.

I ended up at Corky’s, where I had my usual grilled Trousdale sandwich – turkey, cheese, cole slaw, and Russian dressing on grilled rye.  It’s always great, I must say.  I had about five onion rings with it, so not too bad, calorie-wise.  Then I came home.

Once home, I buckled down-Winsocki and finished the liner notes for the behemoth five-CD set we’re doing.  That took a couple of hours, but I’m so glad it’s done.  I even finished the little remembrance thing I had to write. Now we wait for three other little reminiscences.  In the meantime, we’ll be proofing, adding whatever credits remain to be added, and Doug will lay out the booklet and then just drop in the other bits, as we know exactly how many words those are going to be.  And then I listened to the whole kit and caboodle, all five CDs – it’s pretty great.

Then I decided to do the jog. When I left the home environment, I had no idea how far I’d go, but I ended up doing three miles, which, while not easy at the start, ended up being fine.  I took in the sights and sounds and smells, some of which were pleasant and some of which weren’t.

When I got back, I was quite sweaty and gross.  I had a nice, cold Diet Coke, then listened to music for a bit, did some more work at the piano, then listened to even more music.

Today, I must be up early, for she of the Evil Eye will be here and whilst she’s here I must be elsewhere.  I may do a five-mile walk to kill time, because I don’t want to eat due to a lunch at two or thereabouts.  We shall see how I feel, in terms of doing the walk.  I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, then I’ll come back home.  Then I’ll be lunching with Peyton Kirkner and her mom, since they’re up here for a voiceover class she takes.  After that, I’ll watch something, relax, and listen to more music, I’m sure.

Tomorrow, I think will be a ME day – no writing – well, maybe I’ll do a quick set of liner notes for our next classical release, and I have a set to do for the next Bagley album, so I may as well get that out of the way.  Then this week is very busy – we’ll be shipping Too Many Girls, I think, and I have the crazy three commentary day on Wednesday – a solo, one with Cindy Williams, and one with editor Marshall Harvey.  If my voice holds out, that will be great.  Thankfully, the movie only runs eighty-five minutes, and in the Cindy and Marshall commentaries, they’ll be talking too, and I’m taking a thirty-minute break between them.  Then I’m hoping we can all go out and have a nice meal.  The rest of the week is meetings and meals and doing whatever else needs doing.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, be up early, perhaps do a five-mile walk, hopefully pick up packages, have a nice lunch, then relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: What are your favorite works of those marvelous French composers, Mr. Claude Debussy and Mr. Maurice Ravel, and favorite performances of your favorite works?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to have jogged the old metabolism.

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