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August 27, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, it was a slow Monday, Indiegogo-wise, but we did get two nice contributions which upped us to 182%.  So, today at noon really starts our final week and I’m hoping we can now stretch goal it and puuuuuuuush us up so that those pesky Indiegogo fees and withheld money doesn’t hurt us too much.  Here’s the handy-dandy link and please share it with any Facebook people or groups you think might be interested in what we’re doing.  I’m not a member of any sci-fi group or anything – I think someone shared us early on, but there are new perks that might be of interest. Also, two pieces of Disney-related original art – really fun, and I tried to price them reasonably.  At this point, I’m not sure how many more perks will go up – since both groupings of published sheet music from the movies went, I’m thinking of putting up the same but musicals – I have some very rare stuff, including the published A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum cut songs, with the pre-Broadway credits.  I’ll have to rummage through a box in the garage today at some point.


Yesterday was, well, I don’t know what yesterday was.  I only got seven hours of sleep and I kept waking up throughout the evening.  Once up, I answered e-mails, had telephonic calls, then I went and picked up one small package, did some banking at the bank, which is where I like to do my banking, then came home.  I made the remaining two-thirds of a chicken breast and Wacky Noodles – only about six ounces of noodles and not a full breast so not too bad, calorie-wise.  I ate that all up, then began doing the bullet points for my solo commentary.  I listened to a lot of music, too, some great, some so-so.  I know I did other things, but I can’t remember what they might have been.

I did a three-mile jog, then went to Gelson’s and got some melon bits, one apple, and a white peach.  I came home and ate those whilst finishing up the bullet points for the solo commentary.  Then it was another telephonic conversation during which I conversed on the telephone, and then I relaxed, really trying to rest my voice so I can get through three count them three commentaries tomorrow.

Today, I can sleep in a bit, then I’ll do the usual morning stuff, hope for some fun Indiegogo action today, do the bullet point notes for the Cindy and me commentary, I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, I’ll eat something reasonable, try to do a jog of some sort, and then I’ll relax, rest my voice, and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Tomorrow, I’ll be up early so I can warm up, then I do my solo commentary from eleven to twelve-twenty-five, then I break until one, then we do the Cindy and me commentary from one to two-twenty-five, then Cindy leaves and I break until three, at which point Marshall and I do our commentary on the hatchet-job version – no notes for that one – we’re just going to wing it start to finish.  We’ll wrap that one at four-twenty-five, and then Marshall and I will go to a nearby eatery where we’ll be joined by Cindy for a nice celebratory dinner where we’ll celebrate and eat dinner, not necessarily in that order.  Thursday is a work session for the Kritzerland show, and then I have to just relax and get ready for the big Kritzerland week ahead, culminating in the show on Sunday the eighth, and additionally getting to the finish line of the Indiegogo campaign with a big ol’ final two days puuuuuuuush.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, sleep in a bit, do stuff, hope for a good Indiegogo day, do the notes for the Cindy commentary, hopefully pick up packages, eat, perhaps jog, and then relax and rest my voice. Today’s topic of discussion: What are your favorite operettas?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, having no idea what to call these here notes today – perhaps I’ll just call them Norman and be done with it.

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