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August 19, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, today we begin the third week of our Indiegogo campaign (really tomorrow, but who’s counting).  The first two weeks have been utterly amazing, and we even went up over the weekend and are currently at 165%.  As I’ve been saying, I have a dream percentage in my head and boy would I be over the moon if we somehow miraculously achieved it.  The cost of this DVD keeps going up – all I had to go on were the estimates, but when you really get into it then you find out the real deal.  So, when I say that every penny we raise goes to making this the best it can be, I absolutely mean it.  I have more extras I’d love to add, including the sketch I did with Cindy on the Dinah and Her New Best Friends show – I should think that would be a lot of fun to include, if we can afford to add it.

I’m also intending to add a stills gallery and we have the 24-bit soundtrack as an extra, too.  I was also thinking of putting on two Outside the Box episodes.  So, to that end, I’ve added some fun perks – I found a few copies of the shooting script for the film, which has a completely different ending that we actually never shot – it features someone named Luke Skywalker – not named, of course – and Mark Hamill was set to do it, but at the last minute he got nervous about Mr. Lucas and asked if it would be okay if he pulled out and of course it was.  There was a second ending that’s in my personal script in colored revised pages, that we also did not shoot.  We added the De Palma ending a week into filming.  One of our dear readers has already taken one – I think there are two left and I priced them very reasonably.  There’s also some fun sheet music from films – although one of those lots has already been taken – it’s pretty rare stuff and cheap.  I added an original five-page original score cue from Coppola’s Dementia 13, composed by Ronald Stein (it’s a great score, too) – this is the original full score that then had parts copied out and given to the band – all in Mr. Stein’s hand.  This kind of thing NEVER comes up and obviously is one-of-a-kind.  It was given to me personally by the widow Stein when I was doing the Not of the Earth CD of Stein’s music.  There’s Patrick Macnee’s actual signed (twice) contract for the film, and, well, just check out all the goodies and please share this as much as you can so we can have a great couple of days.  Here, as always, is the handy-dandy link.


Yesterday was a day that I’d intended to be a ME day, and yet I ended up doing a bit of work.  I did sleep until noon-thirty – nine hours of needed sleep.  Once up, I answered e-mails, had telephonic calls, and then I had to find a few things in the garage, and brought into the house the one box that was left in the trunk of the motor car – I went through that and pulled the stuff I needed.

Then I went to the mail place because there was supposed to be a package from Amazon – of course, it never arrived – if it’s not there tomorrow, then they have to send it all over again and overnight at their cost – it’s really that simple.  I’m sure it’s the USPS being lazy on their Sunday deliveries – the tracking showed it was out for delivery, and yet, it wasn’t delivered.  So, that was a wasted drive.  Then I ended up at the pizza place I like, got three slices of pepperoni to go, came home, and ate them all up.

I then made a show order – that took a bit, but I think it will work.  Then I had to proof another master in our multi-CD set and boy is it a winner. Previously released on CD ages ago and OOP for many years, this new version sounds 1000% better and has the complete score, some twenty minutes more music than the previous release. And what music it is – I dare say, for me it will be the Golden Age release of the year and is reason enough to buy this set.  And there’s another score on the CD – very short, but great, too, and one people always ask about.

After that, I went to Ralph’s and bought some stuff I needed, including various low-calorie low-fat ice creams.  I also got ingredients for my faux chicken stroganoff, which I may make this very day.  Then I came home, listened to more Stokowski in Phase 4 stereo sound – when the engineers aren’t overloading the mics, some of these sound absolutely spectacular.  Then I spent time putting up all the new perks.  And then, somehow, it was time to write these here notes, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is what I’ve been doing.

Today, I’ll be up by ten to announce the new perks on Facebook and Twitter, then I’ll basically monitor the campaign all day and evening.  I’ll also hopefully pick up packages, including the one that never showed up, I’ll eat, I’ll start writing the Kritzerland commentary and a new set of liner notes, and then at some point I’ll relax.

The rest of the week is meetings and meals and going and doing and doing and going, seeing a show tomorrow night, or something that is purporting to be a show, and I’ll do whatever else needs doing.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, be up by ten, do a big push to get us into the third week of our Indiegogo campaign, hopefully pick up packages, eat, write commentary, write liner notes, and then relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: When you were growing up, which record labels were your favorites and why?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, as we begin the third week of our Indiegogo campaign.

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