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September 17, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, this week is flying by, like a gazelle dancing down the yellow brick road in a purple haze wearing a black denim jacket and motorcycle boots eating red vines while going green and carrying a brown paper bag.  Well, we’re off to a flying start, aren’t we?  As I write these here notes I am listening to music – soothing music, which is both soothing and soothing.

Yesterday – I don’t what the HELL yesterday was, actually.  I got seven hours of sleep, which was not enough, got up, answered e-mails, had telephonic calls, did work on the computer and then at the piano.  And yet, for all that, I felt befuddled in a kind of befuddled way, for reasons I know not. Then I felt hungry, so I first went to the bank to insert a small check into an ATM, then to Jerry’s Deli, where I had a roast beef sandwich and nothing else.  Normally, that is a very calorie-friendly sandwich, but I also normally slather it with a ton of 1000-Island dressing.  Not so yesterday – I wisely opted for no calorie mustard and it was every bit as good.  Then I picked up one small package and no mail of interest, then came home.  Once home, Grant came by, picked up the rent check, and looked at two spots where the paint has peeled a bit.  So, Jesus, his carpenter and handyman will come on Friday at four-thirty to take care of that.  Yes, Jesus will make an appearance on Friday.

Then I had a long telephonic conversation, then spent some time creating the blurb for the new release, choosing the audio samples, and getting that to Doug.  Doug and I had a telephonic conversation about today’s auditions and Thursday’s callbacks.  I worked out the time for the helper to come and gather up the perks we have to ship – I want to go over every bit of that very carefully so that there are no foul-ups. Then I finally sat on my couch like so much tired fish.

Last night, I decided to watch my UK Blu and Ray of Orson Welles’ film version of Kafka’s The Trial.  I saw this film seven or eight times when it came out, at my beloved Lido Theater.  It was quite unlike anything I’d ever seen, I must say, and I really liked it – so arty and weird.  I’ve watched it over the years – it’s had very bad home video releases and some decent home video releases.  This Blu-ray came out a few years ago and I know that one particularly inept reviewer said, “edge enhancement” and “grain management” because those are catchphrases – he also posited it was an older source, but sorry, I don’t see that at all. It may not be perfect but it’s the best the film has ever looked on home video and has quite good detail.  There are still some great things in this film – I’m not quite as enamored of it as I was when I was fourteen, but, for me, it’s one of Welles’ best films, a real return to form.  The photography is beautiful, the performances are weird and excellent, especially Anthony Perkins and Romy Schneider, Mr. Welles, as was his wont, dubs many of the roles himself, and he also plays a prominent role. This is a region B release, but I think there’s a Japanese Blu from this same source that’s region free.  I did doze off for about forty minutes, but then I watched straight through.  Also, I really love the soundtrack, which is mostly the Albinoni Adagio for Organ and Strings, plus some original cues by Jean Ledrut – it remains my favorite performance of the adagio and, of course, we issued the soundtrack on Kritzerland and still have copies, should you have missed it.  Well worth your time and so is the film.

After that, I wrote the blurb and chose the audio samples for our upcoming release of two titles, which we’ll probably announce tonight at midnight – if not then Wednesday at midnight.  I got those where they needed to go and then got everything ready for the eBlast, so that’s off my plate now.  And then it was time to write these here notes in living color.  Remember “in living color” – the NBC peacock.  Throughout the early to mid-1960s I only heard “in living color” but didn’t see it, as we did not have a color TV yet.

Today, I’ll sleep in a bit, do work on the computer and at the piano, hopefully pick up some packages, have a little something to eat to tide me over until a real meal later in the evening.  Then we have a casting session – perhaps six or seven people to see.  Then I’ll go have a proper meal, then come home and hopefully announce our two new CD releases, which are both must-haves.

Tomorrow, should we announce on time, I’ll hopefully print out a LOT of orders, then the helper comes at eleven and we’ll get all the perk stuff organized for her to take, along with the sheet I spent hours on – with all the addresses, who gets what, who got multiple items we can ship together, and she’ll begin getting all that stuff out that day or the next. Meanwhile, I think all the 10-CD packages will ship today or tomorrow, save for the ones where people haven’t gotten back to us. Thursday, we have our callbacks – I do wish more Group Rep folks had auditioned, but it is what it is and we’ll do what we need to do in terms of going outside for a few roles.  I’m hoping by Friday that I have a pretty good idea of an ETA for the Creature DVD. I’m thinking I may put one more Outside the Box episode on, but that will depend on the authoring house and how much space we have on the DVD without hurting the main feature transfer. Then comes the weekend and I’m hoping I can relax and sleep in.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, sleep in a bit, do work on the computer and at the piano, hopefully pick up packages, eat something light, have a casting session, and then a proper meal.  Today’s topic of discussion:  What was the first TV your family had when you were a kid and when did you get your first color TV, what kind was it, and did you love it?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, happy to present these here notes in living color.

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