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September 20, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, last evening was one for the books.  Yes, you heard it here, dear readers, last evening was one for the books – well, let’s say from the time we finished callbacks until now.  So, here’s the oddities.  After we finished the callbacks, which were fun, Doug Haverty and I went to Bob’s Big Boy in the Lake of Toluca – ten-minute wait and got a nice booth in the back. Check.  We ordered – I had the Original Big Boy Combo add avocado, but coleslaw instead of fries.  And it comes with a small salad and I had bleu cheese dressing because it’s quite goog there and also quite good.  What the HELL is goog?  Well, one thing we know: goog spelled backwards is goog.  We got our food and ate.  Whilst we were eating, a very odd-looking man in a beanie and a blonde Beatle wig and an older woman came and sat about two booths away, both he and the older woman eyeballing me as they came in and sat down, something he continued to do and she did, as well. I found it off-putting and very oddball.

So, we went over all the roles and made the casting decisions and that was that.  Now, I had some phlegm issues, so I was clearing my throat a bit, not loudly or anything, but I had to get the phlegm under control so I could actually talk.  I’ve been MUCH worse, believe me.  Anyway, after about twenty minutes of making the cast list, Mr. Clown, Mr. Beanie with the blonde wig keeps eyeballing me and finally says something to me, which I can’t understand because he’s completely unintelligible.  I asked him to repeat it several times, but his garbled clown way of speaking was impossible.  So, I got up and went over to him and said, “Sorry, can’t understand you.”  And he looks at me with crazy “I’m going to kill you” eyes and says, “You need to stop clearing your throat.”  I said, “I beg your pardon?”  He said, with his death eyes, “You need to stop clearing your throat.”  I didn’t like his tone and at that very moment I had to decide how I wanted to deal with it, and I made the decision that I did not want to cause a scene in the busy restaurant, so instead I said, “Sorry, a bout of phlegm.”  His reply? “You need to stop clearing your throat.” I looked at him with daggers worse than his and said, “I NEED to?”  I said, “I don’t think so, but thanks for the advice.”  I walked away and he said, “You’re a child.”  Yes, Bozo the Beanie Clown with death eyes said, “You’re a child.” I sat back down, we finished our work and we left.  I knew that if I looked over at Mr. Clown and if I saw him glaring at me that I would have to take out my telephonic device and video him and make a scene, because I really was quite irritated by that point.  Instead we left.

That was part one.  Then I drove home but decided to stop at the 7-11 not far from here.  I was going around thirty miles per hour as I was approaching the intersection – the light changed to yellow, but I got my tires over the crosswalk line right then and got through the light, turned right into the parking lot, but I could see in my rear view mirror a cop car with bright lights – no red lights or anything, just the bright headlights.  I wasn’t sure what to do and his position kind of forced me into a handicapped spot, but I began backing up.  I opened my window and said, “Do you need me to pull over?”  The passenger seat policeman said, “No, but you know you were in the intersection on a red light.”  I said, “I thought I’d made it through in plenty of time, but apologies if I didn’t and I’ll be more careful.”  He said, “Thank you,” and off they went.  I really don’t think I was in the intersection at all by the time the light had turned, and I think if I had been, they would have absolutely ticketed me.  But I was very non-confrontational and nice, so it all worked out fine, thankfully.

Then I went in, got a Payday, and drove home.  I must say, in that five blocks I saw six cop cars all cruising and looking for people to ticket.  Once home, came the third one for the books moment.  I woke up the computer and in the upper right was a message saying there was a Safari update, so I clicked “update” and immediately got an error message saying the update couldn’t happen because Spotlight was using the application.  I had a vague memory of that stupidity from years ago.  I launched Safari and it opened, then I closed out of it, went to the APP store and clicked for the update.  Got the same Spotlight error message.  Then tried to launch Safari and got another message saying it couldn’t be launched because it was updating, even though it clearly was NOT updating. I got the laptop out and opened a chat session with Apple support, told the gal what was going on and asked her if I should restart – which she said yes to.  I did, and it took quite a while for everything to launch, but once everything had, I opened Safari and it was fine.  She recommended I not do the update until I updated to the Mojave operating system.  So, I guess maybe I’ll do that today if I have time and get get it started with a support person on the phone, as I’m always nervous I’ll do something stupid. And that was why last night was one for the damn books.

Yesterday was basically okay.  I got about seven hours of sleep, had a telephonic conversation, answered e-mails and did stuff on the computer and at the piano, and then I moseyed on over to Jerry’s Deli for a quick bite.  I ordered chicken tenders and actually THAT was one for the books, now that I think about it.  They arrived and I took a bite out of the first one – the chicken was not only tender it was way undercooked, and it almost made me vomit on the ground.  I took a bite of one other one that looked more well done, and it was but not enough, so I did what I rarely do there – I sent it back.  Instead, I had a bowl of chili with onions a little cheese sprinkled on it.  It was good, but I should have stopped eating it about halfway through.  Alas, I did not, so I ate about two-thirds of it until I could eat no more.  And then felt kind of nauseous.

I then went to Staples to pick up my Xerox stuff, twenty-four HOURS after I’d brought it in.  And that was one for the books, too – they’d somehow missed doing it, so I had to wait for ten minutes while they did it.  Then I went to the mail place and picked up one package and came home.  I had to then shave and shower and get ready for our callbacks.  Then I moseyed on over to the Group Rep and the callbacks lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes.  The rest you know.

Today, I hope will not be one for the books unless it’s one for the books in a GOOD way.  I can sleep in a bit, then I have a ton of work to do on the What If Group Rep benefit. I’ll eat, I’ll hopefully pick up packages, I’ll await a little delivery, and then Jesus comes to take care of a couple of spots of pealing paint.  Then I can relax.

Not sure what the weekend holds, other than the Group Rep What If stuff.  And then next week is, as always, very busy.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, sleep in a bit, work on the What If Group Rep benefit, eat, hopefully pick up packages, await a delivery, and have some peeling paint fixed.  Today’s topic of discussion: It’ Friday, what is currently in your CD player and your DVD/Blu and Ray player?  I’ll start – CD, the nine symphonies of an interesting composer named Egon Wellesz – excellent music any way you look at it and I, of course, look at it askance, just because I can.  Blu-ray, don’t know.  Your turn. Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, hoping tomorrow will not be one for the books unless it’s in a good way, and hoping to have lay eyes on Mr. Clown Beanie Man With the Blonde Beatle Wig.

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