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November 10, 2019:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I am sitting here like so much tired fish due to only four hours of sleep.  I had every intention of going to bed earlier than usual but alas ABS took over (Active Brain Syndrome) and there went all intentions out the proverbial window.  How many of you dear readers have a proverbial window?  I quite like a proverbial window – it’s very attractive in a proverbial way.  What the HELL am I talking about?  Well, on with the notes because yesterday’s notes were like War and Peace, length-wise.

Yesterday was a wacky little day.  I was up at eight after four hours of sleep, did what needed to be done, and then she of the Evil Eye arrived and I moseyed on over to the theater for our rehearsal at ten.  They were having an Estate Sale, selling props, costumes, and donated stuff, so parking was a bit of a chore.  Since our Whiteside was not with us, I ran all the group stuff he’s not in or where things happen around him.  I did the opening up until his entrance about twenty times – I want absolute precision in the opening, not a wasted breath or move – it’s ography and it must be treated like that.  So, it was frustrating for a few folks, but I was relentless about it and by the last time, it was getting smoother and better.

Then I ran a few things in which Whiteside doesn’t appear and went into character work a bit. We wrapped ninety minutes early because there was nothing else to do.  I’d thought about Dino’s, but I just headed to the mail place, picked up a small package, got some Taco Bell for the meal o’ the day, came home, and ate that all up.  Once done, I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on and a couple of telephonic conversations to have.  I listened to some music, and then I finally sat on my couch like so much fish.

Last night, I first watched a bit of the new Blu and Ray of It’s a Wonderful Life, taken from the new 4K release.  Some have had issues with the 4K release being too dark, but the Blu-ray wasn’t.  That said, I wasn’t that impressed with what I was seeing, or not seeing, like so little grain even in the many opticals.  I don’t really understand it and wonder if the grain is in the 4K transfer or if it’s been scrubbed clean.  I am very knowledgeable about the look of this film, having owned a stunning 16mm print, and having screened the Library of Congress’ 35mm nitrate print, which is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen.  I can’t find the last Blu-ray of this film – I have it so I’ll keep looking for it, just to see what it’s like.

After that, I watched the Blu-ray of Mutiny on the Bounty, the Brando version.  I loved the movie when I was young – saw it in 70mm at the Egyptian Theater about eight times during its roadshow engagement.  It was spectacular looking and sounding.  When the Blu came out I bought it and only checked the first twenty minutes and was as disappointed in the transfer as I was with the DVD.  Much later, I learned that the transfer was off a 35mm reduction negative, so that explained some of the extreme softness in the medium and long shots, which should have been crystal clear.  The color is pretty accurate, so that’s good.  This time, I got caught up in the film and enjoyed the first half, which is almost two hours long.  I’ll finish it up tonight.

I wrote the blurbs for our two new releases, got that where it needed to go, and then went to Gelson’s and got some salad from the salad bar, came home, dressed it with too much Kraft Catalina dressing, and ate it all up.  Then I just listened to music and relaxed.

Today, I’ll be out of the house by nine so I can put some gas in the motor car, then I’ll mosey on over to the theater for our rehearsal.  We have to be done by one-thirty, as there’s a two o’clock matinee, the closing performance of the show that’s been running.  After that, the theater is ours.  We’ll start with act one and I’m determined that we’ll get through all three acts.  After that, I’ll eat, then come home and relax.

Tomorrow, we’ll announce our two new titles, then I have a lot of stuff to do and it’s our night off so no rehearsal.  Then on Tuesday we resume rehearsals and go six days in a row, which will be VERY helpful.  Each rehearsal will have a run-through, and then we’ll work whatever scenes need work.  And the Saturday and Sunday rehearsals will be five hours each, at least that is my hope.  If we can get the play in good shape at the end of this six days, I’ll be comfortable that the last two weeks of rehearsals will be VERY productive and rewarding.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, put gas in the motor car, have a rehearsal, eat, and relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: It’s free-for-all-day, the day in which you dear readers get to make with the topics and we all get to post about them.  So, let’s have loads of lovely topics and loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, hoping that Active Brain Syndrome takes a rest so I can get a good night’s beauty sleep.

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