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January 11, 2020:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I must write these here notes in a hurry for it is late and I must be up early for a ten o’clock rehearsal.  We hung out until almost midnight at the theater yakking so I just this minute got home, this minute being 12:25 in the morning.  So, here’s the sweet and lowdown and well as the lowdown and sweet, but first let me just say that the already moronic drivers of the San Fernando Valley are in a whole other universe right now.  I have never seen so much stupid driving in my life, much of it due to cell phone use, which, by the way, is against the damn law.  If it were my choice, it would be an automatic arrest if someone is not using hands free and is holding their cellphone while trying to drive.  THAT might deter people, but people, pardon the expression, are so retarded about their precious phones and the need to converse twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, that even the threat of arrest probably wouldn’t stop them.  Yesterday alone, I escaped about fourteen potential bust-ups – people swerving into other lanes, running red lights, turning in front of other people, drive two miles an hour, sitting at green lights.  I wish they’d all drop into some ditch where they could spend the rest of their damn lives on their damn cell phones.  End of rant.

Yesterday was okay as okay days go.  I got about seven hours of sleep, did the usual morning things, but had not one second to futz and finesse before the noon o’clock rehearsal for the Elmer Bernstein concert began.  Nooooo, I had to deal with endless scheduling issues for the Kritzerland show as well as other stuff.  The rehearsal, of course, ran long, then I had to run and get mail and food, then I had to come home and eat, and then FINALLY I got to my book, when my book is ALL I want to be doing right now.  I got at least thirty pages done, maybe even a bit more, but the day before I think I did fifty so it evens out, and then I had to mosey on over to the theater to talk to our new Miss Preen, who I haven’t had a moment to work with.  We chatted about everything and then it was show time. Sold out house, many, many friends attending and a great audience.  Kevin Spirtas, Penny Peyser, Debbie Zipp, Kevin Symons, Sam Kwasman, and a lot of other acquaintances.  The show was mostly excellent but got a little low on energy in acts two and three at certain times, so notes will be e-mailed because I would like to go out with two powerhouse performances.

A lot of folks hung out and then Barry Pearl and Doug and I hung out even longer, just having a nice chat.  Then home I came, and you know the rest.

Today, I must be up by eight-thirty and we have a four-hour rehearsal for the play.  I’ll run act two first, then go back to act one and go through each scene two or three times until the rehearsal ends.  That will put us in very good shape.  Then I have to come right home and have what I hope will be a quick work session for the Kritzerland show, then I will write without ANY distractions for at least two hours.  Unfortunately, I won’t get a full day of writing until Monday.  Then I’ll have to grab a quick bite and then I’ll be working with Miss Preen for a full half-hour before the show, going through every bit, entrance, and exit.  Then I may or may not stay for the performance.  Unless I know folks, I might just slip home so I can get three or four hours of writing in.

Tomorrow is another early rehearsal, then we play our final matinee.  I have no idea if there’s anything planned for after but even if there is, I’ll be home no later than seven.  Monday, I will write for as many hours as I can – I don’t think I’m actually all that far from finishing it, at least that’s how it will be after this weekend’s writing.  Then I’ll attend the Ovation Awards and maybe that day you could send some of your strongest and most excellent vibes and xylophones.  Tuesday is our first Kritzerland rehearsal, Wednesday and Thursday will be writing days, Friday is our second Kritzerland rehearsal, Saturday is our stumble-through, and Sunday is early sound check and then our show.  And, of course, we have nightly rehearsals for the play, and a Saturday day rehearsal before the stumble-through.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, be up by eight-thirty, have a rehearsal, have a work session, write, eat, hopefully pick up packages, and decide whether to see the show or to come home and write.  Today’s topic of discussion: What food fads did you partake of and which did you find completely ridiculous?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, having given you the sweet and the lowdown.

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