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February 6, 2020:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, we played our first preview and other than some weird technical flubs it went well.  We had about thirty people in the house.  We’re still finding the rhythm of the overall piece but it’s pretty close now, so it’s just a matter of finessing a few things to get them sharp.  I think the audience is finding the play very moving, which is good.  The technical issues drive me crazy, of course, but we all know that is a short drive.  But when everything is working properly the thing just looks and sounds loverly.

Prior to the preview, I had another ridiculous night – not sure why but the preventatives, including the Ny-Quil, were simply not working.  Ultimately, I think I got nine hours of sleep, but it was very frustrating and irritating, not necessarily in that order.

Once up, I believe I answered e-mails, had some telephonic calls, but mostly relaxed and listened to music, didn’t enter any fixes, which I must do, and then it was time to shave and shower.  I stopped at the mail place and picked up one package containing Crest toothpaste, and then I moseyed on over to the theater.  I listened to some sound cues and they were better and more balanced.  Then our audience arrived and we played our show.  I didn’t give notes afterwards, except to our stage manager and sound guy, then I went to Jerry’s Deli and got some chicken soup and fries to go.  I came home, ate up the soup, and the fries were soggy and kind of gross so I didn’t eat more than a handful of them.  Then I took my Claritin-D and it was time to write these here notes.

And look how fast I’ve written them – this is what happens when you begin your day at two in the afternoon.  There’s simply nothing to write about.  Oh, I suppose I could write about how truly annoying Facebook is these days.  The Russians, as is well known by now, are already hard at work with bogus posts meant to plant divisive seeds in the Democratic party, where the candidates appear to be bashing each other and doing things that are just stupid – none of it is true and the fact that people don’t see it, despite being told it’s happening, is astonishing to me.

Or I could tell you about the lovely music I’m listening to by Japanese composer Kunihiko Hashimoto.  I could elaborate on how gross the soggy fries were.  I could tell you that I hope I’m not in for another rough night.  I could tell you I am chicken souped out.  I could tell you that many things are annoying me right now, including my stuffed up, congested head that leaves me short of breath and long of snot.  I could tell you all that and apparently I just did.

Today, I’ll get up when I get up, then I’ll relax, enter fixes, eat something mild, then I’ll shave and shower and stop at the CVS for more Claritin-D, the mail place for hopefully some packages, then it’s on to the theater for some brush-up stuff at six-thirty, just to get everything sharp as can be.  Then we play our second preview.

Tomorrow, I have to write opening night cards and relax, and then attend our opening night.  There’s a partay afterwards, so that will be fun.  Saturday, I can rest some more, then I’ll see the evening performance, Sunday we play a matinee, and then next week will be a day or week of reckoning I’m truly not looking forward to.  I also have to record some stuff from the musical I’m writing, and I need to finish entering my fixes so I can enter the next set from one of the proofers.  Lots and lots to do.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, get up when I get up, relax, enter fixes, eat, get ready, get some more Claritin-D, stop at the mail place, do some brush-up work, and then see our final preview.  Today’s topic of discussion: What do you do to snap yourself out of darkness or depression?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, annoyed at the soggy fries and frankly feeling a little nauseous because of them.

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