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February 21, 2020:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, this week has flown by, like a gazelle eating a sticky bun.  I think I need some psychiatric help.  Despite promising myself that I will not eat too much after nine o’clock, I, in fact, ate too much after nine o’clock – in fact, after ten o’clock and of course now I’m feeling thoroughly gross.  I gotta tell you.  Well, I’ll go into the horrifying details in a bit.

Yesterday was an okay day.  I only got six hours of sleep, got up, found the music I needed to find in the garage, then had a one-hour work session for the Kritzerland show that went very smoothly.  Once that was over, I decided not to go spend thirty bucks on lunch at Jerry’s and instead went to Taco Bell – at noon-fifteen.  Line out the door.  First time a line EVER.  So irritated, so I went to In-N-Out – line out the door.  So irritated, so I went to the last place I wanted to go to – McDonald’s.  Not a single person in line.  I got a filet-o-fish and a Big Mac, came home and ate them all up.  They were fine.

Then I listened to some music whilst sitting on the couch like so much fish, where I dozed off for an hour.  Once up from the little nap, I read about forty pages of the book I’m reading about the making of Chinatown.  Then I dozed off again.  Then I read more.  Then I showered and got ready to go to the put-in rehearsal.

Last night, we had our final put-in rehearsal and it went fine.  The notes from last week had been addressed.  There were a few late entrances due to it being her first time with costume changes, but she’s figured it all out now so we should be fine.  I must say, one of the things I did really right is the pacing of the show – I’m always amazed how fast we come to the end of each act, and yet nothing is rushed or seems rushed.  I took notes and then gave them afterwards.

Then I put gas in the motor car, and then stopped at Gelson’s.  I got small amounts of lobster salad and spicy Thai pasta (I should no better, but nooooo), and got some prosciutto, as well.  I came home and made a prosiutto and mozzarella sandwich (I had some buns here), ate that up along with the spicy Thai pasta (I should no better, but nooooo) and the lobster salad.  Had I stopped there I would have been gross but okay.  But did I stop there?  Nooooo, I made another prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich and ate it.  It was like topping off one’s gas tank.  And now I feel ill and disgusting, not necessarily in that order.  Blechhh.

Then I listened to music whilst feeling gross. Grant ended up getting the manuscript into his design program and sent me that for printing.  He warned me he hadn’t really done anything to it and that it was rough, and he was quite correct in that assessment.  But we’ll get it all done.  I think the actual book will be close to 500 pages when all the formatting is correct and the images are added.  And that was pretty much it.

Today, I’ll be up by eleven at the latest, I’ll eat, I’ll print the book and mark it up and I’m hoping Grant and I can get together and at least get all the formatting issues smoothed out – they’re simple to fix and there aren’t many of them.  I’ll hopefully pick up some packages, and then I’ll go see our new gal in the show.

Tomorrow, it’s a total ME day and of course I’m hoping Grant and I can do some book work over the weekend.  Other than that, I’ve made the show order so can now write the commentary, so that will get finished.  Sunday there’s a possibility of dinner with Muse Margaret but I won’t know that until tomorrow – if it’s not Sunday, it’s Monday night.  We have our first Kritzerland rehearsal on Monday, too, then the week has meetings and meals, our second Kritzerland rehearsal, final proofing of the book and hopefully getting it to the publisher, our stumble-through, the fourth week of performances of the play, sound check and then the show.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, be up by eleven at the latest, eat, print out the book, hopefully do a little work on it, hopefully pick up packages, and then attend our show.  Today’s topic of discussion: It’s Friday – what is currently in your CD player and your DVD/Blu and Ray player?  I’ll start – Blu-ray, have no idea.  CD, more music by obscure composers.  Your turn.  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, disgusted to be Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Ate Too Much.

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