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September 15, 2020:


Bruce Kimmel Photograph bk's notes

Well, dear readers, I am sitting here like so much fish, listening to music and marveling how a day that should have been nice and relaxing was a day or one irritation after another, culminating in the discovery that there is no hot water here.  Hopefully, that will be fixed first thing in the morning.  So, let me tell you about the first irritation, which had to do with Postmates.  I placed an order before I went to bed for a Barone’s delivery – just a small pizza (really small) and a little dinner salad – they had a deal on, so I used that code, placed the order and it went through.  So far, so good, a nice little treat for me after all the hard work of the last four weeks.  When I got up, I saw that they’d already put the temporary authorization through on PayPal.  They do that routinely and it’s usually a little less or tiny bit more than the actual amount.  Then when the order is delivered, they put the final through and that’s that.  That is what has happened for every order, but not yesterday.  Yesterday, they put a temporary authorization through for almost double the cost.  This made me very angry, but I figured it would get adjusted after the order arrived, but I wrote them an e-mail about it anyway.  They assured me it would get adjusted as soon as the final charge came through.  Only they then cancelled the order, saying Barone’s was closed.  Well, no, Barone’s was NOT closed, Barone’s was quite open.  So, I wrote again, got nowhere, called PayPal, who can’t do anything until the void comes through.  Now, that SHOULD come through instantly from Postmates and yet it can take up to seven days for me to actually get my money back – you see, the minute the authorization comes through, Paypal takes that money.  There is so much wrong with all of that that it makes my blood boil and boiling blood in an elderly Jew is not a good thing.

So, at dear reader Jane’s suggestion, I went to Postmates’ Facebook page and complained via private message.  They responded quickly, apologizing, saying that the void has gone through on their end.  I informed them that the void hasn’t gone through on PayPal’s end and that it could be days.  They just apologize without doing anything.  So, I instantly cancelled my subscription, which was due to renew in two days.  I then signed up at Grubhub, who I’ve used many times and who has a lot of deals for their Grubhub+ customers, and that includes my first order being free.  I also told Postmates that I would take them to task in these here notes and that over ten million people a year come here.  And so, I am.  So, in case I haven’t been clear, Postmates has many complaints of the same nature as mine.  In fact, I would say there’s a class action lawsuit in the making that would probably take them down.  This is a company that has no way for you to contact them other than in a form e-mail.  That’s right, if you have a problem with your order you can’t get an immediate response.  They have no chat feature and no phone number.  I’m not sure how a public business like theirs gets away with it.  Every other service has at least a chat thing, but Grubhub also has a phone number.  That’s the professional way.  So, folks, I would never ever use Postmates if I were you.  They are not friendly, make no attempt to fix problems, and have terrible customer service.  To coin an apt phrase, they are from hunger.

Other irritations were finding there are yet two more online shows who will be ripping off the way we do ours.  Nothing to be done about it but it is tiresome to pave the way only to be copies without any sort of acknowledgment.  The good news is they don’t have me, and they don’t have Hartley Powers and that’s two key pieces of the puzzle missing for them.  Copycats – can’t live with ‘em, can’t live with ‘em.  And there were other irritants, too, and then the hot water business.  I gotta tell you.  Not the kind of day I wanted.  The only joy I got, and it was great joy, I might add, where the wonderful comments and e-mails I got about our show.  Those made my day.  And a bunch of people have watched the show after the fact, so that’s good.  Oh, I seem to have mentioned almost everything about yesterday without giving yesterday its own paragraph.  Yesterday feels bad about that, so here you go yesterday.

Yesterday, save for the joy bits, was a pain in the ASS, it’s that simple, and I hope today is better.  I was so irritated with the food situation and the fact that my money is being held ransom until the voided authorization goes through, that I refused to pay for a meal from any delivery service or anywhere.  So, instead, I made some Wacky Noodles and those were fine and VERY filling, but I think they still came in at around 1000 calories, maybe just a tiny bit more.  I still don’t think I’ve lost a damn pound but hopefully soon because THAT is becoming irritating.  Once finished, I moseyed on over to the mail place and picked up a couple of packages and came right back home.  Then I began listening to music, which is all I did for the rest of the evening, outside of responding to e-mails, nuking old e-mails, and bemoaning the need of little miracles right about now.

Today will hopefully be a much more pleasant day, and I hope it begins with having some hot water.  I’m sure Grant is hoping it’s just a pilot light problem with the water heater and that’s what I’m hoping, too.  I will absolutely need hot water tomorrow and frankly I could have used some last night.  So, I suspect I’ll be up and about by ten or ten-thirty, then I’ll do whatever needs doing, I’ll probably order the free meal from Grubhub, which is good for anything up to fifteen dollars.  I’ve already put a Jersey Mike’s sub in the pouch, and we’ll see if I still feel like eating that or if I want something else a little different.  I’ll eat whatever it is I decide on and then I’ll hopefully pick up some packages.  Then I’ll do a little work on the computer, then watch, listen, and relax.

Tomorrow will be fun.  Hartley Powers and I are going for a celebratory meal at a favorite restaurant that has outdoor dining.  The rest of the week is recuperating and praying for little miracles and then a relaxing weekend.

Well, dear readers, I must take the day, I must do the things I do, I must, for example, hopefully have a much more pleasant day, hopefully have hot water pronto, I’ll eat, hopefully pick up packages, do a little work on the computer, and then watch, listen, and relax.  Today’s topic of discussion: What are your current favorite pasta dishes?  Let’s have loads of lovely postings, shall we, whilst I hit the road to dreamland, hoping that I will have nothing that makes my blood boil.

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