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August 10, 2021:

Worth It! reviewed by Rob Stevens

In Worth It! Casey, a backup singer, is having a bad day in L.A. She skipped an audition for a gig when she heard one of the other singers reaching notes she knew she couldn’t. Then her car broke down, her boyfriend won’t answer his phone, she has no cash for the bus and then she loses her credit card to an ATM machine. When she walks into the bank to ask for her card to be returned, she meets Sheila and realizes she’s in a totally different type of bank. Not only does this “Bank of the Future” not have any other customers, it also has no money. The vaults are filled with self-worth; that’s what’s detailed on Casey’s bank statement, and she’s overdrawn. Sheila hands Casey some virtual reality glasses and she is soon reliving moments from her penny-pinching, hoarding family life. She eventually comes to realize she is really worth more than she thinks she is and applies for a gig as lead singer.

Unfortunately, the script is of the typical “my miserable childhood led to my adult problems” scenario. It’s therapy where there is no therapist, just an audience forced to listen to the characters’ lamentations. Carla Delaney is a very talented performer and she effortlessly and swiftly makes her way through a myriad of characters in the show’s one-hour run time. Delaney has a fine voice but she really only lets it out for the 11 o’clock title tune. The show is sprinkled with some cute music videos displaying Delaney as a trio of singers highlighting a particular point of the monologue. Unfortunately, these are usually very brief but they are the best part of the show. Delaney wrote the script and original music and Jessica Lynn Johnson directed. With her voice and bubbly demeanor, it would be interesting to see Delaney in a full-blown cabaret act.


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