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June 6, 2022:

Sunday Night at Jane’s reviewed by Rob Stevens

How many ex-lovers have you had? Can you count them on the fingers of one hand? Or do you need your second hand? Add in your toes? Or do you need the help of an abacus? Or a calculator? Well, the title character of Emily Powers’s Sunday Night at Jane’s at the Hollywood Fringe Festival has invited just four of her exes to a mysterious get together at her house. They each received an invitation promising a different sort of evening from a soiree to a group dinner party. Ben (Roy Gutierrez) was her high school sweetheart while Samantha (Mariana Aroxa) was her main relationship in college. Craig (David Nordstrand) was just a one-night stand in college and that might have just been a pity f*ck to help him regain his sexual confidence after his brain tumor surgery. Carey (Bryanna Smith) had been Jane’s partner for the past five years until Jane confessed to having an affair that she really could not quit. Jane (playwright Powers) herself is a no show. She does appear in well-staged (Joe Garrity is the director) flashbacks that revealed Jane’s interactions with each of her exes. Audrey Wooster has a funny cameo appearance as Heather, Craig’s wife who tags along but soon tires of the group.

Emily Powers overlooks Mariana Aroxa, Bryanna Smith and Roy Gutierrez

The cast is competent and the 70 minutes pass pleasantly. There are no earth-shaking or shattering revelations. No one leaves either much wiser or more heartbroken over the relationships that are no more. There might have been some closure, and the exes now seem ready to move on with their lives and not dwell on what might have been.


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